Attractive voice makes a sexy you

"Voice attractiveness is an indicator of the level of sexual activity in an individual, finds a study".

New research findings suggest that the sound of a person's voice may predict his or her level of sexual activity. Men and women whose voices were given higher ratings in attractiveness reported having more sex partners and were younger at first intercourse than those whose voices were considered less attractive. "Thus, the sound of an individual's voice can reveal important information to potential mates," says study author Dr. Susan M Hughes of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie.

In the study, 149 men and women listened to recorded voices of anonymous individuals and rated the voices on a five-point scale, from "very unattractive" to "very attractive". On an average, six men and six women rated each voice. Study participants also underwent measurements of their shoulders, waists and hips and some anonymously reported various details about their sexual history.

Also, voice attractiveness predicted promiscuity in women better than their waist-to-hip ratio. Among men, however, the shoulder-to-hip ratio was a better predictor of promiscuity. That said, not all women with attractive voices are promiscuous. According to co-author Dr. Gordon G Gallup Jr, of the University of New York, "promiscuous females tend to have more attractive voices".

Women with the most attractive voices, according to opposite sex raters, tended to have smaller waists relative to their hips, whereas men whose voices were rated as more attractive - regardless of the sex of the rater - tended to have broader shoulders and narrower hips.

"Voice is shaped and modified by certain hormones, such as testosterone, and these same hormones also play a role in influencing both sexual drive as well as the sex-specific changes in body shape that occur during puberty." Hughes said. "The link between voice, body configuration, and sexual behaviour may be due to similar hormonal influences, attractiveness promoting sexual opportunity, or both."

The report also indicates that during human evolutionary history, voice may have also played a role in how men and women made reproductive-related decisions, particularly at night time. "The sound of a person's voice could have become an important indicator of other biologically relevant information," Gallup said.

Other researchers have reported an association between facial attractiveness and sperm quality in men and facial attractiveness and longevity in men and women. That is, men who were judged to be more attractive tended to have a higher number of sperm than their less attractive peers. The most attractive men and women were also found to live longer than those considered less attractive.

Thus, the authors say that voice attractiveness is an indicator of other fitness-related features as well. "Given the importance of voice as a dimension along which important features may vary, men and women should not agree to a blind date without first having at least one telephone conversion," says Gallup.

Men with attractive voices...

—have more sexual partners
—lost their virginity at a very young age
—have narrower waists and broader shoulders

Women with attractive voices...

—are more promiscuous
—have smaller waists in relation to their hips
—lost their virginity at teenage


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