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How To Make The First Move Online

Oct 02

When you’re online dating, it’s easy to type up a great profile, sit back and hope that the man or woman of your dreams sends you an email. Sure, you can definitely use online dating that way, but you’ll soon find that the more you put into it, the better your results will be. There is no reason you shouldn’t be sending out as many messages as possible to increase your chances of finding the one! Here are the best ways to make a first move online.

Don’t send the same emails to everyone. People who do this aren’t fooling anyone! It’s crystal clear when an email is personal and when it’s not. Emails that sound like chain mail have a much higher percentage of being immediately deleted, and very rarely get a reply. Sending a message to someone should be equivalent to your first greeting anywhere else. You’d say something unique to that specific person. Read their profile and zero in on something that stood out. Let them know exactly what about their profile caught your eye and share something about yourself that they might find interesting. There is a fine line between being personal and over-sharing though, so this isn’t the best time to reveal every deep, dark secret you have.

Send them a “wink” or “ice breaker.” Many sites offer winks or ice breakers that are intended to let someone know you’re interested without you having to go out on a limb and email them. In generally, most people prefer to get a personalized email. However, if you’re new to the online dating scene and want to throw a few feelers out there, send out some winks to test the waters. Keep in mind though that sooner rather than later, you will have to communicate with the person you are interested in!

Join a meet-up group. Thanks to the powers of social media, online dating is now offline, but without the pressure. You don’t need to go on a first date to meet someone interesting face to face. Joining a meet-up group set up by your online dating site is a great way to get to know fellow online daters in a casual setting. If you do end up hitting it off with someone, you can schedule a one on one date for later that week, or even later that day!

Ask open-ended questions. The best way to make the first move online is to give the other person an opportunity to talk about themselves, because who doesn’t love that? When you send an email, make sure it is full of open-ended questions that show you are taking a keen interest in their life and want to get to know them more. Be careful not to come off like you’re interrogating them though, there is such a thing as too many questions. The more specific your questions are, the better. Get them talking and a dialogue going, and before you know it, you’ll be having a great conversation face to face.

Over 50’s Dates is a worldwide mature online dating site. For more dating advice and tips, visit their Over 50’s Dates blog.


Tips On How To Attract Your Potential Lifetime Partner

Sep 29

It’s natural for people to dream of having a good romantic relationship with another individual. Many of these individuals go out on dates to mingle other individuals and if they are lucky, find the ideal partner whom they want to spend their life with.

However, many individuals are not that successful in captivating their ideal partner’s heart and be in a long-term relationship. These individuals, then, tend to get depressed and start asking questions about what they can do to attract a potential partner. For these individuals, here are some tips that can help attract their potential partner and have a successful relationship.

Be a breath of fresh air in front of other people

Being friendlier or cheerful doesn’t hurt. You can attract your potential partner and being friendly is usually the first step in doing so. People have this ability to feel a person’s aura or personality and they tend to avoid people who look ill-tempered all the time. It’s like feeling an impenetrable barrier upon their first meeting. If you will meet a new person, be more cheerful and full of positive energy so you will not drive people away.

The art of moving on

Moving on is vital in attracting a potential partner in your life. Clinging to past relationships will not be helpful for you especially if you are still bitter with your breakup. This bitterness transcends into a negative energy that can be a big turn off. Furthermore, you will tend to look for your ex in the persona of your potential partner, which is not good in a relationship. He or she will just end up as a rebound and result to another breakup. Remember to move on, sort and throw away your bitterness, and be happy.

Assessing your past mistakes

Jumping immediately into dating may not be that advisable at all times, specifically if you are looking for another partner in life. Take time to assess the mistakes you’ve done in the past as well as problems in your relationship. From there, you can start attracting your potential partner and correct the mistakes that you’ve done before. Furthermore, you will build a stronger relationship as you have acknowledged your mistakes and learned from it.

Haste is waste

Remember that being in a relationship is a two way process. This includes the actual prelude of being in a relationship. Gauge the person you’re dating and see if he or she is ready to be in a steady relationship or not. Avoid pressure and let your potential partner be comfortable first in your companionship so you will have a stronger bond in the process.

Attracting a potential partner is a series or process and identifying these tips will help you find the best person to stand beside you at all times. Dating or getting to know another person is also possible online so it would be best to have the perfect internet options for your home use if you need to communicate with the person you’re attracted to online.

Author’s Bio:

Krystine Joy Sitjar believes that attracting a potential partner can be done through communication and correcting past mistakes in a relationship. Is an expert in a broad array of topics such as self help, web technologies and online marketing to name a few.


Wedding Proposal Ideas

Sep 28

Every woman wants a real story to tell when it comes to her wedding proposal, something she and her girlfriends can laugh and cry over later on. This means that a lot of men feel under pressure to make it just perfect which can lead to a massive mind blank. To combat this we have put this list of 10 proposal ideas together!

  1. Get on stage. If your girlfriend has a band or theatre production that she loves then book tickets, call ahead and ask if you can hop on stage in the intermission or after the show to make your proposal.
  2. Arrange a scavenger hunt. Give you girlfriend clues as to where you have hidden little gifts for her. This could simply be around your home or you could go wider and hide them at various points that mean a lot to you in your town. The final gift could be a ring.
  3. Chalk your proposal. Go to your favourite restaurant and ask the waiter to write ‘will you marry me’ on her desert board.
  4. Write in the snow. Head out early one snowy morning and write your proposal in the snow. Call her and ask her to go to the window where she will be super surprised.
  5. Rock the mic. When you are next out a pub, club or party get the DJ to play her favourite song and at the end grab the mic and get down on one knee.
  6. Think Hollywood. Recreate your favourite movie proposal. Perfect for film buffs.
  7. Gone with the wind. Take your girlfriend on a hot air balloon ride at sunset. As you fly through the crowds you can pop the Champaign cork and the big question.
  8. Caught on camera. Head off to a theme park with your girlfriend and buddies. When you ride the log flume make her sit at the front and as you pass the camera you and your friends in the back hold up signs with ‘will you marry me?’ written on. She will get a huge surprise when she checks out the photos at the end of the ride.
  9. Say it in icing. Bake her a cake and ice your proposal on the top.
  10. Say it in wax. If you are planning to redecorate a room write your proposal on the wall in clear wax without your girlfriend knowing. When she paints over it the message will be revealed!

Vicky is from and has been married for 4 years. Her husband proposed in one of her favourte parks in the moonlight. She loves to write articles on all aspects of wedding planning.


Simple Tips To Be Happy And Get More Confidence

Sep 16

1. Start working out, build some muscle and lose some weight.
2. Sleep for at least 8 hours per day AT night, every night. You should listen to your body more. It has the answers.
3. Meditate (pranayama or mindfulness).
4. Eat good, nutritious and wholesome food. If you can, go vegan or minimize the amount of meat products you take. I’d especially recommend a high carb, raw vegan diet with b12 and other supplements.
5. Realize that happiness if your natural state of being. All is well right now.

I guarantee you that if you do the above things you’ll be happier than you are right now and more confident. People act like this shit is hard and mysterious but it really isn’t. Take care of your body and it’ll reward you 100 times.


4 Tips For Girls Online Dating

Jan 27

Even though there has been a taboo that has been associated with online dating websites, this virtual way of communication is now becoming a lot more acceptable since the past few years. Nowadays, it is quite common to spot couples whose initial contact has been through Internet or online dating websites. If you are a girl who’s confused about how to get started in the game of girls online dating, here are a few tips:

  1. Join A Good Dating Service – Join a good and safe online dating website to chat and find your perfect match. There are many Girlsdateforfree online dating service that you can join without having to pay a single penny, at least until your trial period is over. If you are satisfied with the service and are meeting many eligible partners, be sure to pay and continue using the service, else simply cancel your request before your trial period gets over, to avoid any charges.
  2. Set Your Profile – The key to finding the perfect match is to have a perfect profile. It should reflect your personality. Upload a good picture that highlights your good points. But the picture should be such that when you meet the man in person, you should be recognizable. When you are setting up your profile, write about yourself in bullets, as it makes for easy reading. Try not to be too serious and add humor to your profile when you are writing about yourself. Ensure that there are no spelling errors as nothing puts off a well-educated man as much as badly written profile.
  3. The First Contact – The first contact is very crucial. What you say makes a lot of difference. Let the guy know what attracted you to him initially. Talk about yourself but not too much. Ask him questions to show that you are interested.
  4. Be Safe – When you are making the first contact, take some precautions. Don’t give your personal details, like your phone number and address right away. Wait for a while and see how things work out. Analyze your compatibility with the other person as you chat and get to know each other.

Even though it is good to have a paid membership, you can join a free dating service. Meet eligible men in your area and you will find fun, friendship and maybe even a lifetime commitment!


How to Fix The Relationship After He Cheated

Jul 21

you have been together with your man for three years already. It feels like forever. You know him so well. you know what he likes and what he does not like. You even know how he feels like even if he does not tell you about it. You believe that you are soul mates and are destined to be together forever. But then somehow you feel that there is something wrong. You cannot put your finger on it. He is still the same. But there is something amiss about the whole thing. You just do not know what it is.


then you start to see some changes in him. they are actually rather small changes but then they are rather strange. He does not call you as much anymore as he used to do before. You chalk this up to the rut that people in relationships go through when they are together for a long time. But then the sweetness he used to show all the time is waning. Is this still that rut? You prod and find that he has another girl on the sly. It turns out he has been going out with someone else while you have been loyal to him. but he has asked for your forgiveness and you decided to give it a shot. You decided to try to work on the relationship despite the fact that he cheated on you.

Here are some tips on how to work on the relationship after finding out about someone who cheated on you:
It is going to be very difficult. Expect there to be a lot of tension.
For the cheating party, make sure that you go out of your way to appease the hurt party. You were the one who made a mistake so you need to make sure that you would make it up to her.
For the hurt party, try to accept that it is part of the past. Try to forgive your partner.
Talk about the issue. There must have been a problem which would bring your partner to cheat on you. Talk about what happened.
Listen to each other. For the hurt party, listen to your partner. Get his or her opinion so you guys can make your relationship better.
Work on it wholeheartedly. Put full effort to make it better.
Find out the things that you both do not like about the relationship. Make a list of the things you do not like. That way you both would know what you both need to work on.
Meet halfway and compromise. Try to understand each other. Understand what the other is trying to say.
Be open to some change in the relationship. You need to be open changing some things in your relationship if you want something to work out in the long run.
Talk about it. You need to both make sure that you make the time to talk about things at all times. You need to talk about the infidelity. But after this, do make sure that you talk about any problem that might arise along the way. There would be instances wherein you will encounter problems. Nip them in the bud right away. Talk about them even before they blow out of proportion.
Make sure that you do not let the night pass when you have issues. Make sure that you talk about it right away.
Do not talk when you are both angry. Make sure that you both calm down and then talk about the matter bothering the both of you.
Do not keep in contact with the third party. This will cause a lot of tension and grief for your partner. The time will come when you might all be friends. but for now, do not risk it.
Do not bring up the topic anymore. Do not blame the person who cheated for cheating. There have been reasons as to why the cheating happened and you might have been one of the reasons. You both were in the relationship and you both have had your little faults. No use in bringing up the topic all the time. It will make the party that cheated feel even worse and might end up hating you in the end.
Let the past remain in the past. You can remind the cheating party from time to time. But do not use it as a weapon against him or her. It will backfire.
Do not try to do the same thing to spite your partner. It will not end well.

If you want to make it work, make some conscious effort to really try to make it work. otherwise do not even bother to make half hearted effort.


How to Get Him to Propose to You

Jul 11

you have been going out with him for four years now. You have been steady sweethearts for the entire time. He knows your family very well and you know his family as well. you both have plans for the future together. Your future plans have included him. his future plans also have you in them. So what else is there left? You want to have his kids and you want to wake up beside him every day. but he has not yet proposed. so how do you get him to propose to you?


Here are some ways in which you can get him to propose to you:
• make sure that he is the right one. You need to be sure that you are barking up the right tree. You need to make sure that you are going to marry someone who is worthy of you. Think carefully if he has the traits that you would want in a partner. Think hard about your decision. If you feel that you both are good together, then maybe he may be the right one.
• Talk to your family members and your friends. ask for their opinion. They will be able to honestly tell you if he is good for you. Get their blessing for them. Get them to tell you if he is really good to become your husband in the future.
• Make sure that you make sure give him subtle hints. Talk about people getting married. When you pass by a jewelry store, take him to see the rings and comment on how nice they are.
• Talk to him about kids and families. tell him how you feel about families and kids. Get his reaction. It is important that both of you have the same ideals in terms of how you want to raise children and how you want to live your lives. It is essential that you both have the same priorities. If one of you places as the most important things in your lives then the other must also feel this way
• You both must agree on some sort of arrangement. Both of you cannot be working 24/7. This will be bad for the children. If one of you is not willing to lay back then it would be hard to raise a family.
• Talk to him about marriage. Ask him if he is open to get married. You both need to have the same ideas about marriage.
• If he has not proposed, find out why he has not proposed. find out what the reasons could be for him delaying the proposal. Perhaps he has some issues about getting married. Find out if he has any issues getting married. If his ideas of marriage are very different from yours, then maybe the match will not be so good after all.
• If he is really taking too long, talk to him. tell him straight that you want to marry him. if he is not ready, then maybe it is time to take time apart. Let him know that you are not willing to wait for him forever to propose to you. He might never be ready and you cannot just wait forever for him.
• Take the time off to think about everything. Marriage is not something you need to rush into. Take the time to decide if you can really wait for him to propose.
• If he lets you know that he is not ready for such a commitment, then maybe it is time to rearrange your life as well. if you are ready for such a commitment and cannot wait for him to be ready, then you might want to move on with your own life. you cannot just sit pretty and wait for him to realize that he wants to marry you. If he is not ready, he probably would not be ready anytime soon.
• Give him an ultimatum. This might shake him up in order to get him to propose. But be careful with this move. There is a big chance that you might lose him if you use this road. But then take consolation that you would at least know if he is really serious about you in the first place.

Marriage is never an easy thing to enter. You cannot force it on someone. So if your man is not willing to commit and you are not willing to wait, then it might be good to call it a day.


How to Avoid Fights

Jun 16


relationships are beautiful things. It is so nice to love someone and have them love you back. But it cannot always be rosy. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. You both are very different people who have different ideals and ways of doing things. There is bound to have some friction that would cause some problems. You both are bound to have some arguments or even fights because of your differences. But it is not always good to fight. Talking is necessary but unless there is no other way to sort something out other than by shouting at each other on the top of your lungs, then try out a different solution. It is never good to scream and fight. It will only build up the tension and resentment for one another. So here are some ways to avoid getting into fights with your significant other:

• when you feel that the conversation is getting a bit too intense, keep quiet. Make the conscious effort to just keep your mouth shut. It is always good to win a battle. But remember you do not want to win the battle and lose the war. Let things simmer down.
• Take a breather if you need to. If you are fighting, let it go for the moment.
• Take a deep breath. It would help you calm down and focus on something else.
• Make sure that you do not scream at each other. This will even aggravate the matter even more.
• Get out of the vicinity. Distance yourselves away from each other. You will be so tempted to say something hurtful if you are together.
• Think about the situation before talking about it. You need to assess how you feel about the matter.
• Give yourselves space. If you are mad at each other, do not meet for the meantime. Allow yourselves to think about the matter at hand and try to think of a solution.
• Think back to the conversation. Think of the reason as to why you guys fought in the first place. it could have been your fault. It could have been his fault. But there is definitely some problem at hand. So determine what the problem is.
• Ask your friends and family for their opinion. They will be able to tell you if you are acting irrationally or reasonably. That way you will know how to phrase your words carefully.
• Make sure that you think about what to say. Do not just spout off like a geyser. This will not work. You need to make sure that you will be saying something substantial that will not irk him and aggravate the matter.
• Let him know that you want to talk to him. be honest about how you feel. But do not put the blame on him. he will get defensive and another fight will happen all over again. Let him know that you felt that way and let him know why you felt that way and what actions of his led you to feel this way.
• Listen to his explanations. Do not be defensive and just blame him. he has his own reasons for acting that way towards you.
• Make sure you both listen to each other. It always helps when you are both making the effort to talk to each and listen.
• Do not scream at each other. Keep your temper in check. It is so easy to just rant and cry but this would not work. the other party would just more annoyed and the fight will just continue on.
• Do not let your angry feelings stay on for too long of a period of time. It is not healthy and the bad feelings will just eat you up.
• Ask each other what you both can do to remedy the situation. Compromise is the key to making the relationship to work out. You both must meet halfway and try to find middle ground.
• Act out on those things you both suggested for your relationship. If he wants you to lessen the nagging, make a conscious effort to lessen the nagging. If she wants you to stop drinking every night, then lessen the drinking sprees to perhaps thrice a week or four times a week.

Relationships are never easy. But by avoiding full blown fights, it makes things easier. Talking about the problem always helps. So do more of this and keep the relationship longer.


How to Let Him Know that You Like Him

Jun 12

you have been consistently going out on dates with this guy. You are starting to like him very much. He has all the qualities that you like in a guy. But you are not sure if he is as into you as you are into him. so how do you let him know that you like him very much so he can make the next move and bring it to a deeper level? Here are some ways as to how you can let him know that you like him very much:


• be a bit more responsive. You do not need to always wait for him to hold your hand or stroke your arm. You can do a little bit of arm stroking. Do not just grab his hand and place it in yours. But hold his hand longer than you usually do.
• If you feel that he is moving too slowly, you can hold his hand. So it does not seem so obvious, do this when you are watching a scary movie. Though it is a cliché, there is nothing like a scary movie to bring out the gentleman in the man.
• Send him text messages that show him you care for him. they do not need to be very sweet messages. But just let him know that you care for him and are concerned for him.
• Make the effort to always look good for him. he will notice the change in you and appreciate the effort you make for him.
• Compliment him. make him feel like the best man in the world.
• Give him hugs. Guys like girls who can show their affection. You do not need to hug him all the time. This will make him think that you are an easy catch. But the occasional hug would make him know that you like him to some extent to let him hug you.
• Talk about things that are dear to your heart. It could be some problem you have or something you want to change in your life. he will greatly appreciate you telling this to him. he will feel like an important part of your life to be told something like this.
• Let him know that he is important to you. Tell him occasionally that you love his presence in your life and that you would not know what to do without him.
• Call him some terms of endearment. They do not have to be blatant that other people know you like him a lot. but they can be something simple like Dear. This could mean that he is a dear friend or something more than that.
• Be sweet to him. this could be something as simple as asking how his day went and listening to him talk or by getting him food on your way to meet him because you know he will be hungry by then.
• Let other people know that you like him. do not be so blatant about it. But let others know that you do like him. somehow the word would get back to him and he will make a move if he feels that you will respond positively.
• Go out with him on dates. If he invites you out alone on a date, do not hesitate to go out with him. But do not make yourself too available. You would not want him to think that you are easy to get.
• Spend time with him as a group with your friends. this way he would know that you also know how to have a life and your life would not revolve around him.
• Give him a call from time to time. Ask him how he has been or tell him a funny story. This will let him know that you remembered him and are thinking of him.
• Watch a movie together. This is one sure way to let someone know that you like them. No one would watch a movie alone with someone they did not like.
• Bake him cookies or cook for him. the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This has been proven throughout the years and your guy is no exception. Every guy loves a domesticated woman who can be a potential wife.

it is important that you let him know that you are really into him so that he would make a move. Otherwise he might get another message and just pursue someone else.


Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Jun 12

Being far away from the one you love is never an easy thing. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, which is true, but what do you do in before then? There are a number of reasons why you end up in a long distance relationship. Many couples meet each other while on holiday and end up having to maintain a relationship across states or countries. Another couple might be forced to live apart because the job of one of them takes him far away from his usual home base. No matter what the reason is, couples are faced with having to deal with love over long distances. So how does one keep the love alive when they are so far apart?


• Have regular meetings that will bring you together. Whether it is once a week or even just once a month, planning to be together will help you give your relationship the time and attention that it needs. Keep the real connection between the two of you by meeting to touch, feel and talk to your loved one. Nothing beats good old-fashioned human contact.

• Take advantage of advanced communications to keep in touch and maintain the connection. There are several ways to do it, like through Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Voice-over IP, and even your social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster. Write each other emails and posts videos for each other about things that you think the other would enjoy. The best part about living today is now a message can be delivered instantly in a few seconds unlike the past where it took days or weeks.

• Send each other actual written love letters once in a while. A postcard or greeting card will also do. Writing actual letters in long-hand is still a very romantic way of sharing your feelings and letting the other person know that you took time and effort in actually writing a letter. Splash some of your own perfume on the paper especially for him. Later in life, when you are old and married you can look back to those letters and have great mementos to remind you of your special bond.

• Learn to trust your partner and have faith that he is being true in your relationship. The worst part about being jealous is that once it rears its ugly head, it makes both parties insecure and is the source of destruction for the relationship if it cannot be avoided. By trusting your partner, you give him the space he needs to grow as an individual and he will know that you understand him and trust his actions.

• Take a day off every week from communicating with each other and focusing only on yourself. On this day, go out with friends or enjoy a day of relaxation at the spa. By giving yourself your day off you can put your relationship to test and see if having a little time off will make either of you more or less uncomfortable.

• When you have your day off, don’t go out and put yourself in a situation that will tempt you to cheat. On your day off, avoid going out with a mixed group of people, instead let it just be a night for the girls. Don’t go to wild parties or mixers or you may regret it by the end of the night.

• Before you part talk about your partnership and what you hope to accomplish with this long distance relationship. If you both have goals to be together in the end, you can both have set goals that you can work on to make the relationship stronger. By keeping focused, you will find that the long distance part of your relationship will be over in no time and you’ll be reaping its benefits together.

• Be honest with one another. The more you lie about what you do when you are not with your partner (especially if you lie just to avoid petty jealousy), the more you will end up slipping and reinventing more lies to cover up old ones. Just be honest and trust that your partner will understand whatever your decisions and activities may be.

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