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September 20, 2009

Dating Basics

Posted in: Dating

Dating Basics

Dating is probably the most nerve-wracking event. At the same time, it could be the most promising. There are lots of potential that can be derived from dating. These potential can be overwhelming, but then, you know that the dating part is the make or break of these potentials. In order to surpass such is to go beyond the first date or better yet, to go beyond the dating per se.

  • When setting up a date, make sure that you ask your date. Do not decide by yourself. Say, you fancy a nice, long hike, or a mountain climbing session, but your date is more of a nice evening walks type, then they would probably just faint with too much physical workout. If you want to surprise them, at least hint them on your plan. Ask them things like, ‘how do you feel about nature?’ or ‘have you ever tried mountain climbing?’ This would also give them an idea of what to wear.
  • A good hygiene goes a long way. Take a nice bath; use your favorite soap and shampoo. Then, you can go and remove some of those hairs. This means removing underarm hair, shaving your legs and for the men facial hair. This makes for a cleaner look. You can also use some nice perfume or cologne. Just do not put too much. Choose where you apply the perfume, since there are some that can stain the clothes.
  • Do not be too excited and forget to brush your teeth and floss. This is a very important hygienic practice. You can also use mouth wash and breath-fresheners. For a sweeter smell, you may also have a few mints along the way. Bring the mints along, your date might ask for it.
  • Choose your clothes well. This is a very essential step to ensure that you enjoy the date. Say, your date is going to be on the beach, and then you might want to do away with the coat and tie or an evening dress on your mind. Choose something more casual and laid back. If you plan to go swimming, bring along swim attire. Make sure that it is not too showy.
  • Be sure that you arrive on time or about a couple of minutes ahead. This would neither make you look very eager nor uninterested. This means that you are responsible and courteous. Besides, who would want to be kept waiting or better yet, who would want to keep a nice gal waiting?
  • Ask them about themselves. This would help them relax a lot. Make sure that the questions are not too personal. As a guide, make sure that the questions you ask are same questions that you can answer. These simple questions can actually create conversations. The exchanges can go long way and would give you some background on their likes and dislikes. This would help you to get to know one another. Avoid questions that are answered by yes or no, this might create awkward silences.
  • Smile often, this would ensure your date that you are having a great time. Having a relaxed date means that they would be able to talk more. Then you can get closer with each significant detail in your lives. You should also make sure that your date is smiling. This would tell you whether they are enjoying your company. A sincere smile can also compensate for some natural silent moments.
  • After the date, make sure that you thank you date. Even if you are the one asked out, or was the one who asked, thanking your date would be showing your great manners. Make sure also that you take them home at the time you specified. This would show that you value their personal time.
  • At the end of the date, you probably already have an idea whether you can date them again or not.

If you feel that the date went very well and would like to enjoy their company again, you can actually tell them or hint on it. However, not all dates end well, if you see that the date was not that great; then, do not give out the impression that it is. This would break their hearts a little, but then, a little is much better that a total heart wreck.


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