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Simple Tips To Be Happy And Get More Confidence

Sep 16

1. Start working out, build some muscle and lose some weight.
2. Sleep for at least 8 hours per day AT night, every night. You should listen to your body more. It has the answers.
3. Meditate (pranayama or mindfulness).
4. Eat good, nutritious and wholesome food. If you can, go vegan or minimize the amount of meat products you take. I’d especially recommend a high carb, raw vegan diet with b12 and other supplements.
5. Realize that happiness if your natural state of being. All is well right now.

I guarantee you that if you do the above things you’ll be happier than you are right now and more confident. People act like this shit is hard and mysterious but it really isn’t. Take care of your body and it’ll reward you 100 times.


How to Find a Partner Online

May 25

it is just about anybody’s dream to find someone to love him or her. Although it is nice to have your own things to do and to do things your way, there are times when it gets lonely. You would eventually want to spend your life with someone. You would want to share your experiences and accomplishments with someone who wants nothing but your happiness. But finding a partner is never easy. It is never easy to find someone who will love you despite the many flaws you have. It is not easy to find someone who will love you in spite of the many problems you have had in the past.

Online Partner

But never fear. You will be able to find someone. There is always a designated someone for every person. It is just a matter of how you find this person. Because of technology, many people would opt to find a partner through the use of the internet. More and more people are becoming internet savvy, making people more open to finding love online. The many success stories have encouraged people to try finding love this way. So for those who actually want to try this road, how do you actually find a partner online? Here are tips on being able to find someone online whom you can love and hold:

• be active online. Sign up in forums. There are many people you can meet there. You can interact with them and get to know them better.
• put up a blog. There is no better way to interact with people than by getting them to know something about you. A blog is a perfect way to let people know more about you and get more friends. but be careful not to place too much information online. The internet is crawling with people who like to prey on people and stalk them.
• Make friends online. Comment on people’s blog entries and get to know other people.
• Attend events where in people who met online would meet in person. These events are usually themed. There are usually themes for these events, such as Neil Gaiman fans club get together or comic lovers convention. This would allow you to get to meet people who have similar interests to yours. It will make the conversations a little more interesting and less awkward.
• Be open to chatting with people before meeting them. Though you cannot judge as to what a person would be like by merely chatting with them, this would give you a little idea as to what kind of person he or she is.
• Join discussions of things that interest you. This would be good for you as you both would have things in common.
• Join those speed dating events. Many people usually show up in speed dating events. It is usually facilitated by moderators, making it very safe for you.
• Get friends online to introduce you to other people. It is usually safer nowadays as the internet can give you more information about people. Social networking sites are great as well because you can use them to get better ideas about the people you want to get to know better.
• Be friendly. If people do contact you online, be open to get to know them better. it does not have to be something romantic. Just be open to being friends with them. Nothing is wrong with having more friends online. But draw the line when they become too fresh for you or too close for comfort.
• Join communities online. There are many communities that suit many kinds of people. You can join them to get to know more people.
• Frequent social networking sites. You get to meet a lot of people through those kinds of sites. This will also give you an idea of what kind of person you would be dealing with.

It is never hard to find someone to date. But it is hard to find someone whom you can love and who will love you back. So take the time to collect these people and then select which one you feel would best fit you and your personality.


– How to have Inexpensive yet Satisfying Dates

Apr 23

All your dates cannot be as extravagant as the first one. All the dates cannot be treated as special as your fifth year anniversary. But you cannot stop going on dates. In order to keep the relationship running, you need to go out on dates and relax away from home and work, which are the mundane parts of your life. so how do you actually enjoy yourself if you are not sitting in a posh French restaurant? How do you enjoy yourself without spending so much? Here are some examples of inexpensive yet great dates:


• go watch an art film together. Most art films are sponsored by the embassies of their respective countries. This is why most of them are free or would only cost almost nothing. Take your loved one to an art film.
• Go to an art gallery or museum. There are some free ones that you can enter. Soak yourself in culture and be together.
• Prepare a picnic together. You need not spend too much. Choose some filling yet inexpensive finger foods. You can prepare your own sandwiches and bring water. This is great as you do not need to spend too much and you get to experience something different.
• Fly kites. This sounds so silly and juvenile. But this would be one of the most enjoyable dates you have ever had. Not only will you be together, you will also be able to feel young again.
• Run around an open field. Remember the days when you were young and would play tag. No one is stopping you from playing tag. Play it again and experience the child in you while enjoying the company of your loved one.
• Enter the bookstore. Many fail to see how the bookstore can be a date place. But it can be a good date place. You both check out books that interest you both and even discuss what books interest each other
• Watch a live band or a solo act. There are many places that offer live bands or solo artists. You both can each drink a bottle or two. This would not cost much. Just make sure that you have both eaten already. Otherwise you will both be drunk before the night is even over.
• Watch television or DVDs at home. this might sound boring. But it is nice to just curl up on the soft chair in the comfort of your own home and be in the arms of your sweetheart.
• Cook for him. this is cheaper than going out to eat in a restaurant. You will even wow him with your domestic skills.
• Try your hand at baking or cooking. Make sure that both of you do this. It will make you feel closer as you both try to do something together.
• Exercise together. You can jog around the park or swim together. This makes for a terrific date as you both keep fit and yet do it together
• Take a walk around the more beautiful spots in your area. There must be a tourist spot in your area. Walk around that place and admire the beauty
• Spend time with your families. play video games, card games or board games. This will get you good points with your parents for staying at home and him for spending time with them.
• Go stargazing. There are many places where you can look at the sky. Get a blanket and lie down on the ground
• Double date with people. That way you can all chip on gas and food. You would not need to spend as much money. This is also good as you guys would interact with other couples.
• Go to the zoo. This sounds very childish but then seeing nature’s handiwork never fails to make people happy
• Learn a sport together. It could be tennis or badminton. But do it together
• Volunteer to do something good for the community. You can help at Habitat and build houses. You can also help out at soup kitchens. Not only will you be spending time with each other, but you will also be spending time helping other people out.

You do not need to spend a lot to be able to have a good time with your partner. It is just important that you spend time with each other no matter what you both do.


Romantic Rejection

Jan 11

One of our most devastating emotional experiences is the loss of a loved one. I am addressing the loss of loved one to death and through “romantic rejection” as two separate situations.

The power which we give to our love partner to determine to such a large degree our security, happiness and self-worth is largely the result of our childhood experiences and especially unfinished business with our parents. Thus we might need to also work on healing childhood experiences.

Romantic Rejection

Affirmations for overcoming Romantic Rejection

Here is a list of some of the emotions we might feel when someone leaves us. Below each emotion we present some possible affirmations for getting free. These lists as always are there to guide you and never to limit you. There are many other possibilities.

1. Rejection (demeaned, worthless) because he/she does not want to be with me.
Even though until now I felt rejected (demeaned, worthless) because (name of person)____ left me, I now feel (realize, experience) my self-worth as a unique being without him/her.

2. Fear of continuing life without this person.
Even though until now I feared continuing life alone without (name of person)____ , I now feel (realize, experience) self-confidence and powerfully capable of dealing with life.

3. Fear (shame) of what others will think about me now that he/she has left.
Even though until now I feared what others would think because (name of person)____ left me , I now feel (realize, experience) my self-worth as a unique being, regardless of what they think.

4. Fear that I will not find anyone else to share my life with.
Even though until now, I feared I would not find anyone else to share my life with, I now am confident that I deserve and will attract the perfect being for me.

5. Hurt (pain, unhappiness, loneliness) of not having this person to hold, share, make love to, communicate with, etc.
Even though until now I felt I hurt (pain, unhappiness, loneliness) because I do not have (name of person)____ to hold (share, make love to communicate with etc. – be specific), I now experience the fullness of my being and of my life and lovingly connect with those around me.

6. Injustice (bitterness, resentment, betrayal) that he/she is unjustly harming, betraying, hurting us in this way.
Even though until now I felt Injustice (bitterness, resentment, betrayal) because (name of person)____ has behaved unjustly, I now have faith in the wisdom of what life gives me for my growth process.

7. Guilt (self-rejection) because I feel that I am to blame for his/her leaving.
Even though until now I felt guilt (self-rejection) because (name of person)____ left me, I now forgive and love myself, realizing that I have done and will do my best.

8. Jealousy if (because) he/she is with someone else
Even though until now I felt jealous because (name of person)____ is with someone else, I now feel the fullness of my being trust that life gives me exactly what I need for my growth process (self-actualization).

9. Anger (hate, revenge) because he/she has caused now so much pain.
Even though until now I felt anger (hate, revenge) because (name of person)____ left me (is with someone else), I now realize that I am perfectly capable of being happy and fulfilled without him/her.

10. Depression (disillusionment, discouragement) that I cannot have what I want and cannot do anything about it.
Even though until now I felt depressed (disillusioned, discouraged) because I could not be with (name of person)____ , I now realize (feel, experience) that I have the power to create the life I want.
It should not take long to work through all of the above. The pain which often takes months, and for some people, years, can be removed in a week or less. We help no one by feeling all these emotions.
Better to get on with our lives.


Options To Take Your Girl On Date

Oct 11

Although there are numerous options to take a girl on date, but most of us go clueless when it actually comes to taking her out. Whatever option you opt for there are some things you should always remember. While on a date, you should always sound cheerful and enthusiastic. Girls are hardly attracted by dumb guys who don’t know what to talk. The talking skills play a major role in attracting women. This fact is to be remembered especially on a date. Appreciate her beauty and tell her what you like in her. Girls are very sensitive and always like to hear good things about themselves. Although this is one of the very effective ways to tell her that you care and like her, but do not over do it, else you may land up in trouble. The golden rule says, do everything in moderation.

Girls would judge you by your attitude. You should not throw extra attitude, just be polite to her as well as those around you. If you are planning to go on a dinner, make sure you talk politely to the waiter. If you talk politely to others in front of your girl, it would leave a good impression on her.

You should choose for a site where there wont be anyone to disturb you. You should use your date to know what the other person feels about you. Options To Take Your Girl On DateIt is very important to know how to put the question across. You should not be direct while asking questions, however if you think the girl you are dating is broad minded you can always be casual with her. Not all the dating tips that we follow work. The main reason for this is that not everyone is similar. The dating tips that you will come across anywhere are described in context to how normally people behave. Don’t be puzzled while on a date. You should always appear confident and bold no matter how nervous you feel inside. The first date is normally difficult but there are many lessons you can take from it.


Dating A Girl

Oct 07

Like the other skills such as playing guitar or dancing, dating is also a skill that is to be learnt to make its impact better. It is very important to develop the dating skills in order to convince a girl and to leave a good impression on a girl you want to date. Most people start of with the chase by getting the phone number or the mobile number of the girl they are interested in. It is something extra that is required to convert this mere attraction of yours to change to an equal response from the other side. The conversation that is carried out between you and the girl you are interested in is absolutely important. It is actually the foundation that would determine how far your relationship with that girl is going to grow. There are few simple tips that you may follow to get the attention of the girl you are interested in.

You should always show your concern towards the girl and listen to her well. Active listening is absolutely important when you are talking to a girl. You should never do something cheap in front of the girl. Dating is a good way to know the other person better. There are a number of ways you can ask her out on a date. Refer to the collection of one liner that you can use to attract her. This love and romantic related one liner are really affective at times. Dating A GirlHowever don’t just rely on them, greet her whenever you see her and try to make her more comfortable with you. Sharing of views and talking frankly about the anything is one of the signs that tell you about the openness of the relationship.

While on a date you should always be caring and at no point of time should you be rude to your girl. Girls are very observing and they observe each and every act of yours very closely. You should open the gate of the cars for her as soon as you get down of your car. This not only allows you to show that you care, but leaves a good impression. Just be patient and never jump into conclusions.


Ideas To Date

Oct 03

Dating is one of the ways of spending some good time with the one you like or are in love with. There are a number of options that you have to date a girl. If you are in love with a girl and want to share your feelings with that girl, you can always go ahead and ask her out for a date. This would obviously allow you some time to speak out your heart.

While planning a date you should always choose a place where you won’t be disturbed by anyone. There are many options that you may look up to. If you are planning to propose a girl, you can take her out for a dinner in a pub or a restaurant. Dinners are always a good option to speak to your girl comfortably. A simple advice while proposing a girl should be that you should not be afraid to speak out your mind and at the same time you should be open to the response that you get from the other person. If someone denies your offer you need not express it either in anger or in frustration.

Dating can be fun if you plan it out properly. You may also consider long drives as options. This is one of the best ways to date if you are seeking privacy.

It is very important to plan out the date properly. A poor plan may worsen the scenario. You should set the right activities and decide upon it before hand. If you Ideas To Dateare asking a girl out, you should be aware of her likes and dislikes. For example if you know that the person you are planning a date with likes to watch movie, you can always ask her out for a movie. Similarly those who love long drives can ask their partners out for a long drive. Another important factor that plays a major role in any date is the conversation. You should never allow your date to get boring. A good conversation can change the results of a date; it’s more like an examination. Another great option is to select a place where you have a dance floor as well. This can particularly be a great idea if you are good at dancing. You can actually impress girls with the talents that you possess.


Online Dating

Sep 29

Dating is a way of sharing some good time with your partner or with a person you are interested in. There are many options that you have if you are planning to go out on a date. Not always is one able to materialise the plans into action due to the limitation of time. Online dating is a tool using which you can save some time of yours by dating your girl online. This is one of the latest trends that are followed by most men as well as women. There are a number of online dating portals wherein you can register yourself and start dating a girl online. The main advantage of these online dating portals is that you can save a lot of time as well as money. You can always build up a good profile so as to attract more females.

The other advantage of this concept of online dating is that you are not bound to be in a relationship. You can talk to your date as long as you think you want to. There are always so many options for you to look up to when dating online. Time is one of the ingredients to build up a relationship, however in case of online dating you may just talk to your date online whenever you get the time. All that is required is an internet connection and an online profile for signing in into your account.

The main disadvantage of the online dating concept is that you never know that the data and information provided to you by your online date is correct. Online DatingThere are many cases of frauds that have been registered. Hence you should be careful while dating some one online.

The rule for dating a girl online is that you should never grow emotional for a single girl as you never know if the information furnished by the girl is correct or not. Although it is a good concept and allows you to save a lot of time, this should not be considered lightly and you should not provide the other person with the important information. Disclosing the important information online may lead to problems later on.


Tips On Dating A Girl

Sep 25

People have wrong perceptions about dating. Dating not necessarily involves proposing, but it is just a way of meeting someone you want to. Dating a girl is a way of reaching the girl, meeting her, and talking to her. It may be a simple dinner or a long drive. There is no ideal or perfect way to date a girl, but it depends on you and your likings. If you are planning to date a girl the first thing that would be required, is to seek the permission. You should always be straight while talking to a girl and tell her and seek her permission for the date.

Most people opt to dine in their date. It is one of the best options as it allows you to talk to your girl more comfortably without any disturbance. Dinner is the ideal time to date as by then the daily schedule and the office work is generally over. However there is no ideal place to take a girl on a dinner. It can be a normal restaurant or a pub. The main idea of a date is to spend some good time with your date. Hence you should choose a place where no Tips On Dating A Girlone would disturb you while you talk to each other.

After originating the date, you may keep the place of date a secret this obviously adds a curiosity in the mind of the girl and makes your date smoother. Most men opt for the date so as to express their thoughts and emotions to the girl; however it may not always work out for you. You should always take well calculated steps when being in a relation with a girl. Before you propose a girl you should always think of how close you are to each other. Date is one of the best ways to know each other. Hence using your probing skills you can actually get to know, what exactly your girl feels about you. The golden rule is to never force a girl into a relationship. Most girls prefer to take the decisions independently; hence you should never force your decisions onto her.


Self Confidence In Child: A Responsibility Of Parents

Jul 26

Self-confidence in a child will play a major role in laying the foundation for a good adult life.

Most children only tend to develop the sense of self-confidence, by taking their parents as examples. For a child, the first two years of its life are the years when the brain develops.

“Parents need to give a lot of love and attachment to their child during this time. The baby will tend to adapt to the energy and situation around it.”

Children also can build their self-confidence by working out what parents did to improve their image. A child must not at any cost try to remember too much of the past. If the past has been difficult, it is always good to forgive parents for what they did, and also to break away from their behavioral pattern.

The parents must contribute in a way that the child need not see their ‘unhappiness’ or ‘negative traits.’ Children may tend to mirror certain qualities about their parents.

A lot of time has to be dedicated to playing with the child and also otherwise. If the child is neglected, he or she may think that they are not worth someone’s time. They will begin to feel less confident. If they are around family all the time, it will help them initiate play too.

This will make them feel important, and this will surely play a good role in allowing them to feel the same way when they grow up. Any child has to be addressed by his or her name.Confidence in Child

This way they will feel happy and special, that they are also a part of the family conversation. If not, they may begin to feel like an outsider. Whatever the child does has to be appreciated. If the child is not encouraged in any activities at home or school, this may result in him feeling worthless.

Once they have taken a step towards an interest, parents must help nurture that passion. Having a look at all your child’s friends is a good way to monitor the child’s self-confidence. You must make sure they are not being bullied by any of their friends

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