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Wedding Proposal Ideas

Sep 28

Every woman wants a real story to tell when it comes to her wedding proposal, something she and her girlfriends can laugh and cry over later on. This means that a lot of men feel under pressure to make it just perfect which can lead to a massive mind blank. To combat this we have put this list of 10 proposal ideas together!

  1. Get on stage. If your girlfriend has a band or theatre production that she loves then book tickets, call ahead and ask if you can hop on stage in the intermission or after the show to make your proposal.
  2. Arrange a scavenger hunt. Give you girlfriend clues as to where you have hidden little gifts for her. This could simply be around your home or you could go wider and hide them at various points that mean a lot to you in your town. The final gift could be a ring.
  3. Chalk your proposal. Go to your favourite restaurant and ask the waiter to write ‘will you marry me’ on her desert board.
  4. Write in the snow. Head out early one snowy morning and write your proposal in the snow. Call her and ask her to go to the window where she will be super surprised.
  5. Rock the mic. When you are next out a pub, club or party get the DJ to play her favourite song and at the end grab the mic and get down on one knee.
  6. Think Hollywood. Recreate your favourite movie proposal. Perfect for film buffs.
  7. Gone with the wind. Take your girlfriend on a hot air balloon ride at sunset. As you fly through the crowds you can pop the Champaign cork and the big question.
  8. Caught on camera. Head off to a theme park with your girlfriend and buddies. When you ride the log flume make her sit at the front and as you pass the camera you and your friends in the back hold up signs with ‘will you marry me?’ written on. She will get a huge surprise when she checks out the photos at the end of the ride.
  9. Say it in icing. Bake her a cake and ice your proposal on the top.
  10. Say it in wax. If you are planning to redecorate a room write your proposal on the wall in clear wax without your girlfriend knowing. When she paints over it the message will be revealed!

Vicky is from and has been married for 4 years. Her husband proposed in one of her favourte parks in the moonlight. She loves to write articles on all aspects of wedding planning.


How to Bring Back the Romance

Apr 18

So you both have been going out for the past four years. It seems like forever. Sometimes you are bored with each other. Sometimes it feels like a monotonous journey. But despite you feeling that you are in a rut, it is important that you constantly make effort to bring back the romance into the relationship. Many say that it is not so important but there must be a constant effort to place some spice into the relationship. It will not last long. but it would remind you of why you were so passionate about each other during the first time. Here are some ways on how you can easily bring back romance into the relationship:


• Take the time to go on dates. You need to have time with each other away from the mundane things of everyday life. act like giddy teenagers from time to time. It will make you appreciate things about your partner. It might be as simple as watching a movie or drinking coffee. But the act of dating will help keep your relationship running
• Always have meaningful conversations. It is so easy to just fall into a rut and just talk about each other’s day. but it is good to debate about things from time to time. You need to argue (good naturedly of course) about things that interest the both of you or even about politics. This way you are able to keep some fire burning. Intellect is always a big turn on.
• Take the time to kiss. Proper kisses are always needed. The perfunctory peck on the cheek or on the lips is a common thing. It is the easiest thing to do before parting or before sleeping. But it takes time and effort to sit down and kiss. It will bring you back to those moments when you could not get your hands off each other. It will also definitely lead you to a romantic and fun romp.
• Take the time to be intimate. By intimate, I do not mean that you need to have sex all the time. Sex is also good but it is impossible to be having sex all the time. Take time out to hug your partner. There is nothing more comforting and reassuring as a hug during times when you are down.
• Touch your partner. We tend to forget how important stroking the hand or holding hands are. The simple act of touching your partner or stroking the hand would make them feel so loved and wanted.
• Take the time to go out of town. It is easy to get caught up with the mundane things of everyday life. but make sure that you take the time to get out of work and spend time with each other in a different place. It always sets the mood for romance
• Make sure that you give each other enough space. There is nothing like spending too much time together to kill the romance. It gets boring and would make you guys loathe each other.
• Spend time with other people. Spend time with friends and family. That way you learn more about yourself and about other people. If you are always together with each other, the romance will fizzle out even more as there would seem to be nothing more that you can know or find out about each other.
• Do things for each other. Keep the element of surprise there. It is good that you always think about each other and try to surprise each other. This will always keep the other anticipating.
• Do not see each other every day. that way you both have time to do your own things and lead your individual lives.
• Call each other during the day randomly just to say I love you
• Visit your partner as a surprise at work from time to time. It would make the other feel so special
• Do things together like learn a sport together or read a book together. This will create a bond between the both of you. It would be the thing that you would both do together.
• Do not be afraid to show some public displays of affection. You do not grope in public. That would be rather indecent. But kiss the cheek or hug. This will make the other feel that you hold him or her in high regard and are not ashamed to be seen with them.

Do these things and you will see that the romance will continue on. The flame will not burn as strongly but it burn steadily.


Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Dec 16

Location, Location, Location
Plan a scavenger hunt that will send your love to places that are significant in your relationship (such as: where you met, the first kiss, the first date). Be waiting at each place ahead of him so you can give him the next clue when he arrives. Have the hunt end somewhere romantic.

Romantic Scavenger

Around the House
Send your sweetie on a scavenger hunt around the house to find your gift. For example: give them a clue that will lead them to the linen closet, when they get to the linen closet have a clue waiting there that will lead them to the sugar bowl, have a clue in the sugar bowl that leads them to the utensil drawer…and so on. For an extra special touch place each clue inside a little box that is wrapped with pretty paper.

Little Gifts -> Big Gift
If you want to send your love on a scavenger hunt to find a gift try buying a bunch of little gifts for him or her such as candles, knick-knacks, perfume, lip balm, nail polish, bubble bath, massage oil, a phone card, a gift certificate, soaps, etc. Individually wrap each gift in a fansy box. Include one clue in the box with each gift. The first clue should lead to the second clue and gift, and that should lead to the third and so on. He/she will have fun opening all the little gifts that lead to the big gift.

Lead with Pictures
If the scavenger hunt will be around your house try this: take a close-up (and somewhat difficult to dicifer) snapshot of items around your house. Try to just capture the pattern of the item, but make sure that with a little trial and error your love could figure out what the picture is of. Use the pictures as the clues to lead your sweetie from one item to the next. Give them the first picture and have it lead them to the item that the picture is of, there you will have hidden the next picture clue. That picture leads to the next item where you have another picture hidden, and so on. The final picture leads to the gift/prize. Hide your pictures in, under, behind or on the item.

Romantic Clues
Here is an idea for clues: create clues to follow that are special places in your house. For example, “the first place we made love”, “the last place we made love”, “where I always hide love notes”, “where you are when I kiss you in the morning”, “the place where we had our last tickle fight”, “where I keep my lingerae”, etc.

Name that Place
For a more large scale version of the hunt above send your sweetie out of your house and around town. Use clues such as “Your favorite restaurant”, “The store we registered at for our wedding”, “Our favorite store to visit together”, “Where we get icecream”…. be sure get the merchants in on this. Give each merchant the next clue to give your sweetie when they come by. Try to keep this search down to no more than 5 places so it doesn’t take too long. Have the last clue lead your partner to a place where you can be waiting to have dinner together.

Date Night Hunt
Plan a “what we will do tonight” scavenger hunt. This is a short hunt to find pop, a movie, candles, blanket, and popcorn.

More Ideas
These clues work if your hunt will be for your sweetie to find a bunch of gifts.
* Give a clue to 5 mutual friends. Have your sweetie call them one at a time so they can read off the clue to help him/her find the next gift.
– submitted by Casandra
* Make an audio tape of you giving the clues to your sweetie. For example: “The first clue is…the back pocket of your favorite jeans”.

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