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Self Confidence In Child: A Responsibility Of Parents

Jul 26

Self-confidence in a child will play a major role in laying the foundation for a good adult life.

Most children only tend to develop the sense of self-confidence, by taking their parents as examples. For a child, the first two years of its life are the years when the brain develops.

“Parents need to give a lot of love and attachment to their child during this time. The baby will tend to adapt to the energy and situation around it.”

Children also can build their self-confidence by working out what parents did to improve their image. A child must not at any cost try to remember too much of the past. If the past has been difficult, it is always good to forgive parents for what they did, and also to break away from their behavioral pattern.

The parents must contribute in a way that the child need not see their ‘unhappiness’ or ‘negative traits.’ Children may tend to mirror certain qualities about their parents.

A lot of time has to be dedicated to playing with the child and also otherwise. If the child is neglected, he or she may think that they are not worth someone’s time. They will begin to feel less confident. If they are around family all the time, it will help them initiate play too.

This will make them feel important, and this will surely play a good role in allowing them to feel the same way when they grow up. Any child has to be addressed by his or her name.Confidence in Child

This way they will feel happy and special, that they are also a part of the family conversation. If not, they may begin to feel like an outsider. Whatever the child does has to be appreciated. If the child is not encouraged in any activities at home or school, this may result in him feeling worthless.

Once they have taken a step towards an interest, parents must help nurture that passion. Having a look at all your child’s friends is a good way to monitor the child’s self-confidence. You must make sure they are not being bullied by any of their friends


Developing Self Confidence: Be Good With Yourself!

Jul 22

Having low self-esteem and self-confidence, can be related to certain low emotions like sadness and fear.

Lack of self-confidence can be seen in adults and also in children at the same time. To begin developing self-confidence, you will have to first begin to feel good.

“You will have to associate yourself with positive emotions.”

This can be achieved by training yourself, just think about certain happy moments in your life. It would also help if you had certain reminders of those moments like a souvenir or a photograph.

Every time you begin to feel low, you can begin thinking consciously about this event. This will help you maintain a good feeling in any place you are in. Being self-conscious is also not going to help.

If you are conscious about yourself all the time, this is the easiest way to lose more confidence. You must learn to take attention of yourself all the time. If you begin to feel anxious, you have to begin consciously to work towards not being so.

Once you realize that you are anxious, you should begin to examine something around you in detail. If you are uncomfortable in a social situation, it means you are not too clear about why you are there in the first place.

Search your mind about what would be the best thing to do right then. It could be to make several business contacts. If that is not the case, you can just meet one single person and make them feel comfortable if they are alone too.Increasing Confidence

This will make you feel more confident, as you are drawing the person into a conversation.

You do not have to feel self-conscious because it is most likely that no one is noticing that you are feeling so. You can also keep yourself occupied with small tasks, like trying to help people around if they are unfamiliar with the place.

You also have to stop telling yourself that you are no good. If you have been in a bad situation once, it does not mean that it will happen again. Try telling yourself that even confident people have bad times, will surely help


Overcoming Fear Of Water: The Best Awarded Method

Jul 18

Most of the time adults and young people alike are afraid of the water, especially when it comes to swimming.

When fear of water is mentioned, it is most often associated with swimming, because that is where we first get into a large body of water. At first you can just sit by the pool, and allow yourself to relax.

“You can imagine that you are in a safe place, and you can use this imagination every time you begin to feel fearful.”

To start with you can also ask a good friend to accompany you, as being alone may sometimes trigger fear near the water. You might feel safe that your friend is around to save you if anything happens to you.

You can then begin by stepping into the pool of water, and lifting one leg at a time. You must allow your leg to float in the water and also feel how the water is supporting the leg. You need to get used to the feeling, and you must try this with both legs. You must close your eyes, and slowly allow the feeling to sink in.

The next step will be to try how your hand feels in the water. You can face the water, and then place your hands on the water. You should slowly push your hand in the water one after the other, and then release it. This will also help you feel how the water is supporting your hands.

To proceed, you should now begin taking small jumps in the place where you are standing in the water. This will help you feel how the body is being supported in the water. After a while, you need to move a little deeper into the water and begin jumping in the spot again. This will give you a better bounce, but if you are afraid, you can go back to the previous step and then begin work on it slowly again.Fear of Water

You can then being to push your hands down in the water, and then lift your legs.

You will feel that there is a bounce to it. You can keep practicing this posture, and once you are comfortable with this, you can move to other positions. These slow steps will help you overcome the fear in a while.


How To Overcome Fear Of Death?

Jul 14

Death is an event that is not anticipated in the course of our lives.

Many people may be afraid when they are old and going to die. There may be some others who will fear death if they are sick or even in normal circumstances. The most important factor to realize when you are overcoming death is to explore yourself inside.

“You need to know if you are satisfied with what you have done in life till date. You need to live every day with absolutely no regrets.”

You have to work hard to chase your dreams and also to contribute to other’s happiness all the time. Most of the time, we are too self absorbed to notice all the things that family members and friends do for us.

By appreciating their actions and also by showing that you care for them, it reduces the guilt inside you that you have not made them happy. You have to live courageously all the time. You need to think of the liveliness and the excitement that you face in life each day.

This will be a way to stay connected to life, because this will remind you that you are mortal that day, and every day. Sometimes the awareness of our death will also help you understand the purpose of your being.

You have to think of it the right way though.

You can explore the reason of life, and why you are here in this world. This will connect you to the existence of yourself, and you can enjoy the meaning of your life.Fear of Death

Hypnotherapy is also a good way to help you overcome the fear of death. This will help the other person tap into your mind, and find out the reason for your fear. Once you know this, it will help you revolve around this point and help you work effectively towards a more positive goal.

The fear of death is also combated with energy psychology. It has become a popular way to help overcome this fear, as it is quick, safe and long lasting. This method is based on the roots of acupuncture, but does not use needles to make this work.


Overcoming Fear Of The Dark: The Best Alternative

Jul 10

Fear of the dark is persistent and affects several people surprisingly.

Several times to allow the patients to work on the fear, they are left in dark rooms. The treatment of the fear of the dark may take several months, but dark rooms may sometimes make the situation worse for the individual.

There may be several symptoms that are recognized with this fear, but the most common ones are ‘shortness of breath,’ ‘irregular heartbeat’ and ‘sweating.’

“The fear of the dark faced by many young people and adults alike.”

They may spend a lot of money trying to get medicated help, or by seeking other methods to help them get cured from this disorder. There are a lot of ways to overcome this fear through practical methods.

The first step would be to apply logic to the situation you are in. Sometimes, you might be just imagining that there are certain things lurking in the dark. If you are afraid, then turning on the light to check what it is, will be a good way to overcome that fear.

If you have not been particular about night vision, it is important to practice it. Once you are in the dark, take time to focus on things slowly, and try figuring out what they really are. This will help you stop imaging that one thing is something else.

A lot of your activities before you go to bed will have an influence on the fear of the dark. Try to see if you are watching horror movies or reading such books, and avoid them at once. Instead you can read something more pleasant like a comedy or a romance.Overcoming Fear of Darkness

Prayer and meditation’ go a long way in helping you overcome the fear of the dark. While meditating you can imagine situations, and you can think that you are in another place.

The place has to be very pleasant and so does the situation. Prayer will help you soothe you nerves and will help you ‘reduce your anxiety.’ If something in the past has made you afraid of the dark, try as much to forget the incident.


Overcoming Fear Of Flying: What Is Important To Come Out?

Jul 06

Fear of flying basically arises when you are afraid of the consequences of flying.

This fear is one such feeling that can affect you physically and psychologically. While some people get sweaty palms and heavy breathing, some will just refuse to board a plane out of sheer fear.

“Fear can also produce a dry mouth and vomiting. When you have the fear of flying there will be several symptoms that can be recognized with this.”

It could include feeling claustrophobic when the door shuts, or uncomfortable when the plane takes off or turns in the air. Fear of flying is not a natural fear, and there may be an incident that would have triggered this feeling.

First, you would have had some terrible experience when flying, or you would have seen and read about certain flying accidents. To overcome this fear, it is good to remember why you began to fear flying in the first place.

This will help you understand the fear, and you can work towards telling yourself that these incidents are not going to happen.

Another reason why fear of flying is embedded in you is because you imagine a lot of things about what could happen while you are flying. The next step you can take to overcome the fear of flying is practicing meditation and breathing before and during flying. This will calm your nerves.Fear of Flying

Self-help books on how to overcome fear of flying are very helpful. You also need to be fully occupied when you are flying. You could read a book or listen to music, just about anything to keep you distracted.

Before flying or when you have boarded a flight, you can eat a nutritious meal. This will help you keep yourself calm, and may also allow you to sleep on board. Too much of sugar and caffeine should be avoided when you are flying, as this will only aggravate the anxiety levels in you.


Overcoming Shyness: Get Rid Of The Most Common Problem

Jul 02

Shyness is a common problem faced by youngsters and also young adults alike.

Many people tend to develop this habit when they are exposed to more peer pressure as they are growing up, and also when facing more independence. This is something many people overcome when they grow up, but for some of them, they just cannot get over this social problem.

“Shyness is related to self-consciousness, and is not a difficult task to overcome.“

Developing social skills and self-confidence, is the key to overcoming shyness. By practicing how to do this, you will allow yourself a lot more exposure to the social scene. Being shy is not about having social phobia.

It is about being timid when you are in new surroundings, or in the midst of new friends. If this nervousness is controlled, there is a way to work you out of this situation.

If you are shy, then the best way to overcome this obstacle is by trying to figure out the wrong elements yourself. Relaxation is needed whenever you think you are becoming nervous or shy in a situation.

It is important to stay calm, and not be intimidated by the people around you. You should exert yourself to any kind of pressure to perform socially well. Calmness will also go a long way in helping you when others say something to you, or something about you.

You can begin with trying to be interested in every single person you meet. You could also start with one person at a time. You can remember what they say about themselves, and later on bring this up in the conversation, to say that you remember.Overcoming Shyness

You have to make the person feel comfortable in your presence, and this is the best way to step away from shyness slowly. This will give you confidence, especially if you have a good conversation with them.

It is also a very important step to include everyone in the conversation, instead of using the first person, and only talking about you. “A big step towards overcoming shyness is to concentrate on the event and people around you, instead of feeling too self-conscious.”

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