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Posts from November, 2008

How To Get Someone To Like You?

Nov 25

Good Person

If you have tried to get someone to like you and you did not get the results you wanted, you would know how frustrating it can sometimes be, but the good thing is that are a lot of things you can do to make someone like you.

The first way to get someone to like is to help the person out with something they might be having problems with and usually the more important the problem is to the person the more the person would appreciate what you have done for him or her.

Another good way to make someone like you is to try to talk about what you both like and what you have in common and this would make the person more comfortable with you. For instance if you are trying to get a friend the fact that you go to the same school or you live in he same area would make the person more willing to associate with you.

Giving compliments is another good way and this is because people like those who say good things about them and as long as you really mean what you say the person is more likely to like you and want to be friends with you. You can also use humour, people like to laugh and anyone who can make them easily laugh would be someone they would like and want to be with.

Be positive and confident, a lot of people don’t like making the first move when it comes to meeting people and this is due to several reasons, so if you want to make someone like you by taking the lead to go talk to the person or by showing confidence when around the person, you are more likely to be liked.


How To Get A BoyFriend?

Nov 22

How to get a boyfriend segment mostly works to suggest the best of the methods for girls to groom themselves to get a boyfriend of their choice. Presently even guys are becoming selective about girlfriends.

Just having the drop dead gorgeous look and the most impeccable facial features are not enough to attract a guy. They want their girlfriends to be smart, witty and sensible as well. So girls other than improving your physical appearance its time to work on your intellectual side as well.
Go ahead and check out few of the cheesiest and smart ideas to deck up and groom yourselves for the guy of your dreams.

You should know your choice regarding a boyfriend and accordingly make a list of qualities and attributes you would like to see in him. You can consider the qualities like; he should be soft spoken, respectful, smart and witty.

Boy Friend

* One important aspect in getting you a boyfriend is to make loads of friends and expand your friend circle. It’s safe to get a boyfriend from within the friend circle and you can’t find the right guy until you make new friends. In fact knowing new people helps to expand ones arena of knowledge.

* If you start liking some guy having the required qualities then try to make friends with him and relate to his interests. Talk to him about his ambitions and his career and take interest in his favorite sport. Discuss the intellectual and knowledgeable issues related to the topics of his interest to make him feel special and important. Incase you don’t have the nerves to approach him directly, approach him through a common friend. But never give him a hint that his refusal can break your heart.

* Despite all these empirical proposals you may fall in love with a totally different person and not some one you aspired to be with. Be open to such circumstances. Despite different love tests and compatibility tests it’s said that love comes in different shapes and sizes, you just need to locate the right person and the desire to stay together can even make the worst enemies become the best lovers.
To enjoy the comical yet reasonable suggestions about getting boyfriends and working out relationships visit My Dear Valentine which offers a very genial yet enjoyable and detailed account about boyfriends and relationships.

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