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Dating Basics

Sep 20

Dating Basics

Dating is probably the most nerve-wracking event. At the same time, it could be the most promising. There are lots of potential that can be derived from dating. These potential can be overwhelming, but then, you know that the dating part is the make or break of these potentials. In order to surpass such is to go beyond the first date or better yet, to go beyond the dating per se.

  • When setting up a date, make sure that you ask your date. Do not decide by yourself. Say, you fancy a nice, long hike, or a mountain climbing session, but your date is more of a nice evening walks type, then they would probably just faint with too much physical workout. If you want to surprise them, at least hint them on your plan. Ask them things like, ‘how do you feel about nature?’ or ‘have you ever tried mountain climbing?’ This would also give them an idea of what to wear.
  • A good hygiene goes a long way. Take a nice bath; use your favorite soap and shampoo. Then, you can go and remove some of those hairs. This means removing underarm hair, shaving your legs and for the men facial hair. This makes for a cleaner look. You can also use some nice perfume or cologne. Just do not put too much. Choose where you apply the perfume, since there are some that can stain the clothes.
  • Do not be too excited and forget to brush your teeth and floss. This is a very important hygienic practice. You can also use mouth wash and breath-fresheners. For a sweeter smell, you may also have a few mints along the way. Bring the mints along, your date might ask for it.
  • Choose your clothes well. This is a very essential step to ensure that you enjoy the date. Say, your date is going to be on the beach, and then you might want to do away with the coat and tie or an evening dress on your mind. Choose something more casual and laid back. If you plan to go swimming, bring along swim attire. Make sure that it is not too showy.
  • Be sure that you arrive on time or about a couple of minutes ahead. This would neither make you look very eager nor uninterested. This means that you are responsible and courteous. Besides, who would want to be kept waiting or better yet, who would want to keep a nice gal waiting?
  • Ask them about themselves. This would help them relax a lot. Make sure that the questions are not too personal. As a guide, make sure that the questions you ask are same questions that you can answer. These simple questions can actually create conversations. The exchanges can go long way and would give you some background on their likes and dislikes. This would help you to get to know one another. Avoid questions that are answered by yes or no, this might create awkward silences.
  • Smile often, this would ensure your date that you are having a great time. Having a relaxed date means that they would be able to talk more. Then you can get closer with each significant detail in your lives. You should also make sure that your date is smiling. This would tell you whether they are enjoying your company. A sincere smile can also compensate for some natural silent moments.
  • After the date, make sure that you thank you date. Even if you are the one asked out, or was the one who asked, thanking your date would be showing your great manners. Make sure also that you take them home at the time you specified. This would show that you value their personal time.
  • At the end of the date, you probably already have an idea whether you can date them again or not.

If you feel that the date went very well and would like to enjoy their company again, you can actually tell them or hint on it. However, not all dates end well, if you see that the date was not that great; then, do not give out the impression that it is. This would break their hearts a little, but then, a little is much better that a total heart wreck.


What Your Girlfriend Won’t Tell You, But You Should Know

Sep 18

Let’s face it, girls are such mysterious creatures, and for guys like us, solving girl mysteries is not exactly something we excel at. However, there is still hope. With this article we will be able to pinpoint some of the things that our girlfriends do not tell us and which we should know, just so we can anticipate their reactions. Here are some things your girlfriend won’t tell you but you probably should know:


1. Girls love the thrill of the chase. So, when you are already her boyfriend, anticipate a little more chasing to keep her interested. The chase is always the biggest and most fun part of the relationship game. As long as you can keep the thrill going, then you can guarantee that she will be interested in keeping the relationship going. Girls feel that the hardest and most important part of the relationship game is the part when the guy is wooing her. This is the part which requires the most effort, most time, and most creativity on the guy’s part. Once the girl says yes to you and the chase is over, they start to feel insecure all over again because you are not putting in the little extra effort to win her over every day. Girls find it romantic to keep guys wanting to express their love and devotion. They don’t want them to get too comfortable with the fact that the girl is theirs and there is no need to do another chase.

2. It’s not all about just me and you all the time, take time out and spend it with your friends just like how I want girl time with my friends. It’s not true that girls get overly possessive and want their guys hanging out by their sides 24/7 and affording them every bit of attention that they can muster. Girls want their own girl time with their girlfriends, just like they want their boyfriends to spend time with their friends as well. Girls understand that friendships are important and they need to be nurtured and maintained. So don’t underestimate your girlfriend by questioning her when she suggests you spend time with your friends. Many times she means just that – spend more time with your friends!

3. Getting to know your friends is essential to girls because they want to know who you spend time with and who influences you amongst your peers. However, there is no need to rush in getting to know her friends since she’d rather keep it that way for a while. It’s a natural girl thing to feel that you shouldn’t meet her friends (some of which are very hot) until she is ready. Girls will always be insecure about their friends, no matter how close they are to one another, the same reason why some guys think that all is fair in love and war. Aside from this, she doesn’t want her boyfriend getting too chummy with her friends that her friends will end up spilling some less-than-desirable information about her to her new boyfriend.

4. When a girlfriend says that something is “okay,” then she probably means the opposite, so don’t go dropping the subject just yet. When she says “fine” that doesn’t mean that it is. Read into what your girlfriend is saying because when she is curt in her reply of “ok” to your excitement about going with your pals to a wild party you are not invited to, then it probably means that it is not okay, that you should be more sensitive to her feelings, and that you shouldn’t go but stay with her instead of meeting new girls somewhere else.

5. Now that you are her boyfriend, she becomes a little more insecure because usually “taken men” are a sexier target for single girls. So be careful when you talk to other girls in front of her. Don’t seem too interested in what they are saying and don’t allot too much of your time entertaining another girl when your girlfriend is in the same place as you are. The more you pay attention to other girls, the more insecure you will make your girlfriend, so reassure her by giving her you undivided attention when you are together.


Where to Bring Her on Your First Date

Sep 10

One of the biggest problems guys are faced with when taking a girl on a first date is where to take her. Depending on what the girl likes and what the guy knows about his date, he can surely figure out some unique or practical places to bring her so that she can enjoy herself. But for those guys who just need a list of choice places to consider, here are a few ideas:

First Date

1. Mini Golf – if your date enjoys sports or the outdoors, taking her on a mini golf evening out might just be her thing. Golf is a non-sweaty sport which will prevent the embarrassing sweaty situations you may encounter in other sports. Golf is also very relaxing and fun. You can follow it up with a nice outdoor dinner where you can enjoy the stars and the fresh air.

2. Billiards – for the carefree girl who enjoys hanging out and a good game of pool, try out a billiards hall or bar. If she doesn’t play, then you can teach her and enjoy being close to her in the evening. You can even bet with each other where the loser would have to make a homemade dinner for your next date.

3. Picnic at the Park – Try something different, pack some wine, cheese, fruits, and mini sandwiches and take your date to the park. This way you can focus on each other while talking and snacking and enjoying the overall outdoor atmosphere. This is a romantic way to spend an early evening.

4. The Beach – Similar to the picnic, pack up some romantic snacks and drive to a nice beach for a late afternoon with your date. You can watch the sun set while you share wine and enjoy the sound of the waves lapping the shore. When it gets dark you can lie down on the blanket together and look at the stars.

5. An Outdoor Concert – Take her to an outdoor concert being offered by one of the bands that she likes. Mix it with a picnic so that you can sit around and listen to music while you snack and talk. The best part about outdoor concerts is they are usually free and not as crowded as the usual concerts held in indoor venues.

6. An Amusement Park – Amusement parks aren’t just for children, they are a great way to spend time with your date as well! Riding on a roller coaster or Ferris wheel will surely allow you to get closer and have fun. Amusement parks never disappoint when your date enjoys everything that is fun and youthful.

7. Rooftop dinner – find a place that you can use for the night and cook a homemade meal to share with your date with the fantastic view of the city at your feet. By sharing a great view, you can tweak the heartstrings of your date with the romantic setting and you will get closer as you talk and get to know each other better.

8. Parasailing or a Balloon Ride – if you have the extra cash to blow, take your date to a place that will really take her breath away, which is several hundred feet into the air. Be with her and share a fantastic view of land and sea while parasailing or ballooning. After that experience you can take her to a nice quiet dinner anywhere where you can talk about the experience and enjoy each other’s company.

9. Casino – If you are willing to spend a little more than usual, a casino is a great place to bring a date. Gambling is a fun experience and together, you and your date can try out the different games and slots offered in a casino. This is not made for all relationships, but a casino date is the way to go if you have a lady who enjoys a fun evening out.

10. A Spa – Who says that dates are all about dinner and talk? Take your special lady out to a spa and enjoy a massage together. Get the different body treatments that will make her feel beautiful and special. Later you can enjoy champagne as you both relax in a Jacuzzi.


A Date’s Good First Impression

Sep 04

Being asked out on a date gives people different reactions, some are excited, some are nervous, some are scared and some are confused. But most of these reactions are also focused on how they are going to be ‘measured’ on a first date.


First impressions could sometimes be nerve-wracking. This is most especially true to those who are new to the world of dating, but there are still some veterans who still feel the chills. So here are a few things that will surely make that first impression the best.

When asked for a date, aside from the schedule, clothes to wear is probably next on the list. Make sure that when you dress up, it is according to where you would be going. Comfortable clothes are often the best advice for going on a date, but then make sure not to be on too comfy clothes, you might end up being too under dressed. If possible, do not wear new clothes or underwear. It is better that you wear something you have worn once so that you know how it feels. A nice cologne or light perfume could also wrap your whole outfit.

Posture is important. For those who lack a little height, a nice, slender posture could make you look taller. This also shows that you are confident to be with your date. Besides, your clothes look better on you with a good posture.

Find something nice to compliment your date. Make sure that it is not a generic greeting like ‘I like your shoes or shirt’. It could be some small thing like that nice locks that probably took a while to prepare or a nice jacket that brings out the color of the eyes. Just make sure that you are sincere.

Subtle flirting is good. It shows that you are interesting and fun. Just make sure that you do keep it under control. Remember that there is a small line between subtle flirting and overly eager. A good degree of flirting most of the time also makes you a little more approachable.

Do not overly praise yourself. Let your date be the judge of your character. There is no point in bragging, if your date thinks you are lying. Now, there is no need to seal all information about you, just let your date in to what they ask. A little mystery always keeps them coming back.

Be naturally interested about your date. However, you have to make sure that you choose good conversational topics. This will keep your date’s attention on you without feeling bored. Avoid strong topics like politics and religion. Just choose some light topics like movies you both have enjoyed, or any particular sports you would like to take or is taking.

If there are some personal questions that you would like to know, always give your date the option to answer or not. There may be some questions that you do not find offending, but is a big deal for them.

Always give your date your full attention. You can try to put your phone into vibrate or silent mode, so that you will not be distracted by unnecessary text messages or calls. If it is really necessary, then make sure that you excuse yourself politely and keep the conversation short.

Have fun. One of the best ways to make a great first impression is to make sure that you are genuinely enjoying yourself. It is quite necessary to give out nice, healthy chuckles once in a while. If you are great with jokes, you can tell your date some. But you have to keep the jokes clean, not racist or offending.

A fun date may also include some more unplanned destinations once you feel comfortable with your date, but make sure that you hold off on any alcoholic drinks on the first date, this would avoid any major blunder.

Thank your date. This is an essential step by the end of the night. It doesn’t matter if you were the one who asked for a date, or the one asked. The date turned out that way because of the two of you. It is always a good idea to show that you have good manners. This may also be the deciding factor if you are going to get that second date.

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