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Posts from December, 2009

Tips on Finding a Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Girlfriend

Dec 25

Your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and now you are stuck in the same dilemma as last year – what to get her for her special day. The hardest part about getting gifts for your girlfriend is that you are never sure if she will actually appreciate it or not. Your best bet is to follow these words of advice so that you can more or less get her a gift that she will actually appreciate more than she’ll hate:

Birthday Gift

• What are your girlfriend’s interests and hobbies? What does she enjoy doing over all other things? If she is the type of girl who loves to get a makeover because it relaxes her, get her a gift certificate for a whole weekend at a spa which she can enjoy with a girlfriend. If she is into a particular sport, find out what gear or equipment she is lacking in her sports set and bring her to the store so she can choose her favorite brand. If she loves books, give her a gift certificate so that she can buy 5 of her favorite books at her favorite bookstore. Or maybe it is as simple as cooking her a home cooked meal followed by an intimate cuddling session.

• If she has a certain passion or hobby that she is pursuing then get her something that she will truly appreciate. If she is a stamp collector, try to find her a unique stamp that she doesn’t have yet. If she loves books, try to get her the one book she has been searching for but hasn’t found yet. By acknowledging that you appreciate her love for her hobby, she will definitely love whatever you give her in connection to it. It really is the thought that counts.

• If there are things that she neglects about herself because she cannot afford it or merely because she doesn’t have the time for it, try to provide it for her. Get her a weekend-long spa treatment that she has been longing for but never could afford. Or you can get her the universal remote unit and program it for her to take care of all her remote control needs at home. You could also get her car serviced and cleaned for her so that she doesn’t have to worry about it again. By doing these gestures, she will surely discover that you are attentive to her needs and are trying the best that you can to make things easier and more relaxed for her. Doing these things for her birthday will be something she will appreciate above many things.

• Plan a unique experience that you can enjoy together. In fact, plan three things and let her choose. That way you won’t be stuck with one activity that she may not enjoy entirely. Examples of presentable choices are scuba diving, a hot air balloon ride, or a bungee-jumping experience! Let her choose and enjoy the experience with her. You’ll definitely be reminiscing over that for the next few years.

• Take her on a weekend trip, just the two of you, to a place she’s always wanted to go. This may entail more spending on your part, but if she’s worth it, then definitely make it a birthday option. So whether it is a weekend in Mexico or in Hawaii, plan it so that you will be able to see the sights that are worth seeing and so that you’ll be able to spend romantic nights and moments with each other to cherish for a long time.

• If there is a special skill that she has always wanted to enhance, then sign her up for a class which she can participate to improve that skill. Classes in cooking, a foreign language, painting, or even gardening will do. Depending on what her interests are and what she has been longing to do for a long time, look for classes that will fulfill her desires and make her better at something. She will really enjoy that!

Now that you have the basic checklist of what to consider when getting your special someone a perfect birthday gift, go out and start looking at your options now. Remember, it really is the thought that counts, and the more thought you put into it, the more you will receive extra points for maintaining a happy relationship.


Go Double

Dec 15

Going on double dates gathers more friends, but it is also safer, especially on first dates. Double dates can also save the date if needed.

Before deciding on a double date, ask your date first. If your date agrees, then, you can set up for a double date. You can either bring a friend of the same sex or opposite sex, as long as you ask your date first. You may also arrange for ‘couple friends’. This sends along a message that you do value their decision. Besides, they may also want to ask the same thing.

Double Dates

Think of good combinations. If you are bringing ‘couple friends’ then you probably have an idea of the type of people they are more comfortable with. In case you think they cannot handle your date’s reserved manners, then you can just save it for another time. If you think that they would not be comfortable with your date, you can skip this date. There would be other types of gatherings that they can meet anyway.

A good combination also goes the same if you are bringing a friend and your date would be bringing theirs. You can talk to your date about a possible characteristic your friend would prefer. This would avoid you two having the time of your life while your friends are bored to death.

Introduce everyone. Allow everyone to meet everyone and then make sure that those of the same sex get to know each other better. Say, allow the ladies to go to the powder room together to make sure that they can be comfortable with one another. Or perhaps, you can just allow a couple or so minutes pass to allow the men to talk. This first few minutes is essential to make the whole meeting relaxed and pleasant. In other words, this can make or break the whole night.

An easygoing personality is a vital flavor for the group. Make sure that at least one is funny; this would make the whole trip lively. A group where at least one person is bubbly can influence everyone. This is necessary on whatever type of date you are planning to do. Avoid a combination of very quiet people sitting around and just eating, this is surely headed for a very calm, boring date.

Make sure that you have thrown in some details to your date about the people you are bringing along. If you are bringing half of the double date, and your date brings in the other half, make sure that you tell your date something about your friend. In turn ask about the friend he is bringing along. This would make introductions easier. This can also help you ahead of time to think about possible conversational topics.

If possible, arrange for just one ride. This lets everyone be on a closer, confined space with less distraction to know one another. This would also give you a preview of how is the date going to look. The good thing about it also is that you can already set the tone of the date or trip. Pump out some music. A party music usually pushes a temporary euphoria that can be the pace for the date. If on a dinner date, this can also make you want to go partying after.

Early on talk among yourselves how the date will be paid for. This saves the embarrassment for everyone, this is also more convenient and practical. You can all go Dutch if you want to, or if there is a special occasion, say your birthday, then you can foot the bill. Or if someone insist on it, let them do so.

After the date is over, allow the other couple to choose if they would like to go solo or if they would like you to take them home. This would give them the option to further meet each other. Or for ‘couple friends’ this would give them time to be alone together.

If you are the last to go home, make sure that you inform your date that you got home safely. This is a very simple way to let them know that you are safe home and that you do not want them to worry. Besides, it gives you a reason to text or call them.


First Date Impression

Dec 08

They say that first impressions last long. That is why it can be uncomfortable going to a first date. You are making an effort to become acquainted with your companion and allowing her to become acquainted with you. It is essential that you create a good first impression on your first date since you and your date are inclined to shape your estimation of each other to come up with the determination on whether you would want to go for a second date with him or her.

Date Impression

You can never prepare too much for your date. Prior to your date do anything that would put you into a relaxed mood; reading, exercise, singing a favorite song, yoga, anything that would put you into a happy, easy going mood.

Clean yourself, brush your teeth, comb your hair and make sure to wear neat clothes. You should remember to consider what you are going to do on your date when choosing the clothes you are going to wear. For instance, an evening dress or tuxedo would be a little overkill for a movie and dinner date. Your dress ought to be presentable and clean. And above all the clothes you wear should make you feel comfortable during your date.
Be sure you wear perfume or cologne at appropriate amount. Being with someone on a date with an overwhelming scent is distasteful and will most probably kill your chance for a second date.

Being late on your first date is a sure way to creating a negative first impression, being late shows that you can’t be depended on and are an inconsiderate person.
Choose suitable activity. If possible, the first date ought to be somewhere you and your date could talk and get acquainted and at the same time have a great time. You could go for a walk after dinner or try other pursuits that the two of you enjoy.

• Greet your date with a small token or gift if you are going on a formal date. For instance, flowers or a box of chocolate. It will be better if you have an idea on what chocolate or variety of flower your date like. Don’t give a single rose if you are going on an informal first date, you might come across too strong, since this act suggest ardent love. You can attempt baking a simple treat, get a stuffed toy, or something unique for your date. By no means do a big thing for a first date. The greatest gift you can present is your companionship.
Cell phones should be on silent or vibrate and left alone until your date is finish. Answering your cell phone during your first date is a sign of disrespect.
• Be sure to clean your car if you intend to use it. Bad surrounding equates bad date. Same thing apply if your date is coming over to your place.
• Pick a place that might be special for your companion. If you are in doubt as to what he/she likes, ask. Consider taking her or him out to dine someplace not familiar (be careful not to go overboard, since this may establish a bad pattern.

Conversations should be interesting. Ensure that both of you have an opportunity to contribute to your conversations. Monopolizing a conversation or remaining silent are both taboo. Strive to ensure that you and your date are talking about those that interest the two of you.

Converse honestly and openly. Chat with your companion while having dinner and pay attention to what your date has to tell.

Be aware of your date’s body language to gauge if your date is turning out well. If your companion appears to be uninterested or stiff, you may try to look for other things to do to make your date enjoyable.

Maintain eye contact. Eye contact lets your date know that you are interested.
The guy should shell out for a date. If you’re a girl present to pay the bill for your date, if it is turned down present to pay for your own bill, if it does not work, accept your date’s generosity.

Give compliments to your date. Praises can be your friend during a date. Just make sure you don’t go too far or offer insincere compliments.


What to Do on a First Date to Increase Chances of a Second Date

Dec 04

First impressions always stick in whatever you do, especially when taking a girl that you like out on a first date. It doesn’t matter if you already know or feel comfortable with her; you may still have to go through the “first date” motions for her to stay interested. Bringing her on a first date requires strategy and finesse so that you can be sure to get a second date as well. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a first date without taking the extra effort and attention to detail will surely get them a second date. Many girls feel that the first date, no matter how long they’ve known a guy, is the make and break of a potential relationship.

First Date

The last thing you want is to get dumped even before you ask the girl to go steady with you. So, increase your chances in getting a second date by carefully following these tips and paying more attention to things that girls find important when they are being wooed for the first time:

1. Pay attention to your looks and hygiene when you go out on your first date. Girls like a guy to smell good, look good, or at least look like they took a little extra effort to look and smell nice for the first date. Don’t ask a girl out on a date after football practice and go straight from practice to take her out for dinner without showering. By doing this, the girl will not feel special at all and will think that you don’t care about her feelings. Always take a shower before the date, brush your teeth, put on some great smelling deodorant and cologne, and take an extra breath mint before leaving the house. You want your girl to feel special with the nice-smelling, fresh-breathed person she will sit across and pay attention to.

2. If you plan on driving your date, make sure your car is good enough for her to be transported in. Many men tend to treat their car like their second home and usually end up making a food and paper mess in their cars. Make sure you clean out your car before you have a date. Vacuum the interior, wash the body, and put some car freshener in to make it smell good. A guy’s car reveals a lot about a guy’s personality. Impress your date by presenting her with a chariot that is worthy of carrying her around the town.

3. Do you know where you are taking your date? Make sure that you take her somewhere special or unique that will surely impress her. Be creative. If in the past she spoke of a restaurant where her parents romantically met, take her to the same restaurant so that she feels that you really listen to her and are attuned to her feelings. If she is more adventurous, plan a picnic on the beach or a faraway mountainside restaurant to enjoy the city view. Find out what food she enjoys and be sure to take her to a place where she will surely enjoy the food. If she enjoys seafood, take her to a place where great seafood dishes are a specialty. You can even surprise a date by making her a special home-cooked meal which is guaranteed to get you all the extra points you need to ask her on a second date!

4. Listen to your date and be interested in what she is talking about. Remember, this date is not all about you, it is about her and making her feel special and exceptional. Ask many questions and follow-up questions and take mental note of her likes and dislikes. You can use this information in the succeeding dates that you will have with her to keep her interested in you. Refrain from going down a list of sexual exploits, and avoid talking about sex at all! Be nice to the restaurant staff and make the evening a pleasant one, not just for you, but for those around you. Keep your focus on your date and don’t let your eyes wander to other attractive women in the room. By following these simple pieces of advice, you will be sure to get a second date because you deserve it!

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