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Towards a Fine First Date

Mar 28

First date – the date that makes you feel goose bumps, excitement and other mixed emotions. This is usually the time when you do not know what to expect of the person you are going to meet. You are probably asking if you would jive right away, or would you bore one another. These tips can surely make some of the jitters controllable enough.

Fine Date

Dress up according to your date plan. If you plan to have dinner, then this may call for little less revealing clothes. If you plan to go out partying after, wear something that can be made into something more laid back for a party.

Think of some light topics that will surely keep the conversation going. Say, a favorite show or music. This would surely keep them talking about their favorites. You can also ask some simple questions about their jobs; just make sure that these are not too detailed questions, as it may also tend to bore you or them. General things like movies and sports are safe subjects, but avoid strong subjects like religion, politics, war or stuff like that.

When you ask anything, make sure that you also give them honest answers. Do not try to answer questions that you do not have idea about. If they ask you about a movie you have not seen, do not try to make your story to impress them, and just tell that that you have not. There is no point in making something up for such a petty thing. In case you both opt for a second date, you can suggest you watch it together.

Do not fake interest. If you enjoy your topic, then show it. Ask some more questions. But if you are not really keen on the new topic, you can always, smoothly turn to the other direction. If your date is sensitive enough, they would probably steer that way to. The point is, if none of you enjoys a topic, move on to the next. In case your date is not very sensitive, you can tell them in a nice way that you are not comfortable with the topic and then movee to another one.

Do not be afraid to show some emotion, if you feel like laughing a little at an amusing comment, go ahead. There is also nothing wrong in showing a little empathy if the moment calls for it. Just make sure that you do not over do it and move on.

Make an effort to be a little more chivalrous. Some men may still be thinking on whether to open the door for the ladies or not. Well, ladies still appreciate that, opening doors, a little escort on the right direction, or on climbing up or down stairs. These small gestures are actually noticed. Men, just do not treat ladies as if they are old ones.

Keep your attention to your date. There are instances that you may be distracted, like a loud noise, or something, but make sure that these are really loud ones that call attention, if not, then your date might think they are boring you to death. This also includes putting your phone in silent mode so that you will not be put off by unnecessary calls or messages.

Make eye contact. Eye contact is a good way to show that you are interested in what they are saying and you are listening to what they are saying. Besides, eye contact also shows that you are not hiding anything from your date. A nod every now and then also helps in bringing across that you understand what they are saying. At the same time, this would also ensure that you are not just hearing but really listening.

Be considerate of your date. Just in case that they hint you about an early morning by tomorrow, or a hectic, tiring day that day, you may offer them if they would like to end the night earlier. This is a good way to show that you are still concerned about them. If your date graciously denies but you can already see the yawning in their eyes, then you can sincerely tell them that it is alright. They may be a little shy about it. Besides, you can tell them jokingly that you would just make up the next time.


The Right Way to Choose your Prom Date

Mar 21

A date is where two people get to know each other, sharing some points of view in life and other things. Having fun with each other taking time to relax and enjoy the same things. These things usually happen during high school days and at prom night. A certain date doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. This person can be your friend or someone special.

Prom Date

There are some pointers that you need to know in having a person as your date to a prom or as simple date. The prom is an occasion that you can celebrate with the special person you wanted to be with. During that time it may be your crush or anyone special to you, that you want to get to know better.

You must consider if that person can a least take care of you in some ways. You should also determine if you can have good time with him/ her. And sometimes you have to consider if he/ she don’t have any experience in going to some dance or any prom, and is not willing to have it right now.

Make some sort of quiz by yourself, check it out if he/ she are the right pair for you in your date. You should be honest to yourself to the answers you are going to have. By that you can determine whether your date will be alright. You have to even check yourself if you will be the same.

You can also try to consider even your friends around you to be your pair. At least you can behave the normal way, being yourself because you really know the person already. You can have fun with her/ him the entire party or dance. You will not feel uncomfortable, or think that he will take an advantage of you.

Not of course if you have such feelings like love to the person, you really wouldn’t want to let him/ her find out. You wouldn’t want your date like he/ she wants to kiss you all the time in the party. Having a public display of affection the whole period of the party. Setting a lot of attention to the others. Either way you don’t want to have any scandal.

Most of the time you can always have fun with a large group of friends, you can go to the prom altogether. That way you won’t have to worry going home alone, and spending the party by yourself. You shouldn’t have come if that is going to happen.

Prom party or prom night is really an unforgettable one. Especially if your with someone that you really like or love. This happens once in a lifetime so we should plan through out. Try to meet the parent of the person you want to have a date with. Be a gentleman if you are a guy and if you are a girl you should invite him to your house to meet your parents so they get to know him, at least they will know that you will be in safe hands.

This is a very memorable event that you will treasure in your lifetime and you can even tell as a story to your children or grandchildren. Always prepare yourself to what ever might happen, try to consider all the things in the party. There are some desires that you’re meaning to do but you have to consider the person with you.

If you plan to go in a big group, with your closest friend, you should think that in the end of the party they might find someone that can be their partner; you might go home all alone. In this area you should consider that to your friend, make yourself approachable in any cases, but inviting bad intensions.

You have to prepare yourself if you will be the one to ask for a date in prom, make sure that he /she wasn’t asked or taken by the other person for that occasion. Somehow there are proposals that will accumulate before asking someone, you first find out his/ her background in a way that you won’t be looking like a stalker.


How to Get Back Together With Him

Mar 12

after many months of arguing and fighting, you both decided to quit it. You both are tired of the rows and sleepless nights. But after a week without him, you miss him. you realized that you were both rather hasty to make a rash decision. You still love him and would love to try to work on it. But then you are not sure if he wants you back and would still want to work on the relationship. So here is how to get him back into your life:


• keep up to your “just be friends” line. Ask him out as friends even after the breakup. Suggest coffee. Check how he has been. This would also give you an idea if he is really over you or is just coping with every day just like you are.
• Ask his friends if he is really over you and what has he been telling them. This will give you a good idea as to whether you can try it out again
• Give him signals that you miss him. tell him that you remember the good times and you wish that it did not end so fast. If you get a positive response, then ask him if he wants to try it out again. If not, then forget about it. He is not worthy if he does not want you back as much as you want him back.
• Talk about your issues. There must have been issues that led you both to breaking up.
• Learn something from the failed relationship in hopes of rebuilding a new one.
• Go out with friends. do not make him feel as if your life would crumble without him. let him know that you are out having a ball so that he would not think that your world would revolve around him
• Do things that make you happy. This will make him realize that you can do without him. many men think that women need them. Make him realize that he is wrong for thinking this.
• Exercise. This will make you feel so much better about the breakup. This will also give you a fit and trim body, which other guys, including your ex would run after.
• Entertain other men. You do not need to go out on dates. But the word would get out to your ex that men are running after you. That would bring him running back to you.
• Keep the communication lines open with him. you do not want to ostracize him and kick him out of your life. you want him back in. so do send him text messages from time to time asking how he is. also call him from time to time sending him good wishes. That would show him that you still care for him
• Show your care and concern. If you know that he is going through a rough time at work, give him your moral support. He might have lost a girlfriend, but he does not need to lose a friend.
• Show your support in whatever he does. He will now open that little bookstore he has always wanted to for so many years. Let him know that you still care and believe in him. go to the opening of the bookstore and let him know that he did a great job.
• Let his friends know that you want him back. This will definitely get back to him.
• If he is willing to give it a try, go back to being friends. there must have been some lapse in your communication. So try to find where that gap came from and rebuild the communication. Be friends again and start talking well about things in your life.
• Learn from your mistakes and try to improve on the things that you lacked.
• Be sincere about wanting to make it work. Try to change yourself into a better person. But do not change everything about you. Just the things that need improvement.
• Talk about your situation. If you both want to make it work, talk about how you want things to work out this time around. plan things together.

As you both progress, you will be able to get him back into your arms. But remember that it will not be easy this time around. there will be old issues and problems. Make sure that you put in time and effort to make it work out this time.


How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Mar 08

Once you start dating a girl, you will be faced with having to maintain your relationship with her by keeping up with her moods and feelings. This is probably the hardest part of a relationship, trying to keep up with her thoughts and feelings and staying attuned to her needs. At this point you will start wishing that your girlfriend came with instructions that you can easily follow, but like other women, the best thing about girls is that they are unpredictable and lovable. So here are a few things that can keep you on the right track to keeping your girlfriend happy:Girlfriend

• Always listen to her and perfect the art of listening. Women love to talk about their day, about other women, about their feelings, and you should learn to accept and respect that. Even though you are starting to get bored with some of her blabbing, at least give the impression that you are listening and respond once in a while. If she is talking seriously, you may have to seriously listen to her so that you can respond appropriately. By listening to your girlfriend you will find out more things about her that will help you handle her better later on.

• Many women tend to rationalize their own arguments and come to their own conclusions, which aren’t always rational in your view. Even if she is wrong, you will have to learn to accept her thinking processes and agree with what she says. This is okay to do when she is just rationalizing small things, but when it comes to more serious things that involve more serious decision-making, then you can give your own opinion at your own risk. The best way to do this is to “make a suggestion” and let it seem that the advantage will always be to her. This way she will appreciate what you are contributing to her decision-making.

• Always remember important dates. These range from birthdays, anniversaries, romantic holidays, and even birthdays of her family members. Always set reminders on your phone or computer when special days are about to happen so that you don’t regret it if you forget. Celebration and love is what a girl is about, so don’t forget it and make sure the celebration is appropriate.

• Learn how to say “I’m sorry” even if you don’t feel like you were at fault. Women sometimes love the battle to get the apology out of you to make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. By saying sorry quickly you will tug at her heart strings and she will stop trying to give you a hard time. Saying you’re sorry will also save you a lot of time and energy as opposed to hours of stressful arguments and heartache.

• Try not to make it all about her body all the time. Instead of spending free time groping at her body parts, spend some time doing some good old-fashioned cuddling for a change. There will be times when groping and being naughty will be appropriate, but for times when you are just hanging out, just cuddle and kiss her and make her feel special and wanted.

• Always tell her how pretty she is every day. To make it sound less superficial, comment on a certain part of her to make her blush, whether it is her hair, her lips, or her shoes. If you can’t get away with that, you can get away with it by telling her that you were thinking of her the other day and how much she means to you; and other lines to that effect. By doing this, you reassure her with your love and tenderness and will keep her happy throughout the day.

• Girls always have one time in the month when they get their menstruation, and no matter what you say or do, you will never get them to experience a better mood. For the days when she gets unreasonably emotional, bring her some chocolates or her favorite soup to tide her through the uncomfortable days. These are the days she needs to be listened to the most, agreed with the most, and cuddled the most – so be prepared!


Surviving a First Date

Mar 04

First date anxiety can be overwhelming and is totally normal. But with careful planning your date will survive and at the same time guarantee subsequent ones if you keep an open mind, be courteous and polite, be neat, be honest and relaxed during your date; be committed to enjoying and having a wonderful time and telling things about you without taking over the conversation. The following ideas will guide you to make you calm and make your date want to go out with you again!

First Date

Be certain that you have thought out your date in advance and make preparations to guarantee that your date runs smoothly. It is better not to depend on making instant decisions or leaving things to chance about what you will do next during your date but you should plan out the routes to reach your destinations and arrange beforehand any reservations so that you will not end up waiting for long. Even though careful planning before a date will guarantee that things will run smoothly and get rid of unnecessary anxiety during your date you may nevertheless need to be flexible. Because in spite of your efforts, your plan may encounter a snag and remaining adaptable and willing to be flexible will preclude both your date and you from being irritated during your date.

Important traits for surviving your first date consist of tidiness, courteousness and politeness. You should make the attempt to look respectable. Allot yourself some time to prepare. If you are already stressed out even before you date begins you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Have a shower, wear a nice dress that is not wrinkled or dirty and also shave when necessary. Be sure to leave adequate time to fix your hair and face and pick the right outfit before your date comes. The manner you portray yourself is an indication to your date of the way you are going to act towards her or him. You should also do all you can to be courteous and polite all the throughout your initial date. Keep your concentration towards your date. You should not allow your eyes to wander when a new girl strolls in. It is not only rude but your date is going to notice it.

It is not thrilling to be kept on waiting. Strive to arrive on time. If you cannot help being late, contact your date and let him or her know.

Carry mints or gum and use them when needed. Nothing displeases a date quicker than that of a bad breath. Carrying a small pack of floss to get rid of food in between teeth during restroom visits may prove to be a pleasant idea.

Smile and give your date eye contact when you at last see her or him. Always remember that your date might be as anxious as you! It will be easier to loosen up if your date is smiling.

It is also important to remain relaxed and sincere during your first date. If you are evasive or tense during your first date, your companion will distrust you and will be uncomfortable during the date. And if you attempt to be someone you’re not, your companion will almost certainly work out the farce and will most likely be disgusted with your duplicity. If on the other hand, you relax and are totally honest your qualities will shine and surprise your companion enough to persuade them be attracted to a subsequent date.

Commit to yourself that you are going to have a wonderful time. Going into a date with prejudices or apprehensions will get you bored. It is very hard to enjoy a date if you are not open to new experiences. Conversely if you are positive and are anticipating your date, you will most probably end up enjoying yourself. Your positive attitude will communicate to your date and will guarantee that both of you will have an enjoyable first date and look forward for your second date.

During conversation talk about general topics such as world events, travel, celebrity, elections, global warming, movies, music, sports and others. Make sure to keep questions regarding employment or careers and family in moderation. Keep in mind that you are on a date and not conducting job interview.

And even though you realize that you are not with Mr. or Miss Right, try to enjoy yourself. After all it never hurts to have many friends.

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