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– How to have Inexpensive yet Satisfying Dates

Apr 23

All your dates cannot be as extravagant as the first one. All the dates cannot be treated as special as your fifth year anniversary. But you cannot stop going on dates. In order to keep the relationship running, you need to go out on dates and relax away from home and work, which are the mundane parts of your life. so how do you actually enjoy yourself if you are not sitting in a posh French restaurant? How do you enjoy yourself without spending so much? Here are some examples of inexpensive yet great dates:


• go watch an art film together. Most art films are sponsored by the embassies of their respective countries. This is why most of them are free or would only cost almost nothing. Take your loved one to an art film.
• Go to an art gallery or museum. There are some free ones that you can enter. Soak yourself in culture and be together.
• Prepare a picnic together. You need not spend too much. Choose some filling yet inexpensive finger foods. You can prepare your own sandwiches and bring water. This is great as you do not need to spend too much and you get to experience something different.
• Fly kites. This sounds so silly and juvenile. But this would be one of the most enjoyable dates you have ever had. Not only will you be together, you will also be able to feel young again.
• Run around an open field. Remember the days when you were young and would play tag. No one is stopping you from playing tag. Play it again and experience the child in you while enjoying the company of your loved one.
• Enter the bookstore. Many fail to see how the bookstore can be a date place. But it can be a good date place. You both check out books that interest you both and even discuss what books interest each other
• Watch a live band or a solo act. There are many places that offer live bands or solo artists. You both can each drink a bottle or two. This would not cost much. Just make sure that you have both eaten already. Otherwise you will both be drunk before the night is even over.
• Watch television or DVDs at home. this might sound boring. But it is nice to just curl up on the soft chair in the comfort of your own home and be in the arms of your sweetheart.
• Cook for him. this is cheaper than going out to eat in a restaurant. You will even wow him with your domestic skills.
• Try your hand at baking or cooking. Make sure that both of you do this. It will make you feel closer as you both try to do something together.
• Exercise together. You can jog around the park or swim together. This makes for a terrific date as you both keep fit and yet do it together
• Take a walk around the more beautiful spots in your area. There must be a tourist spot in your area. Walk around that place and admire the beauty
• Spend time with your families. play video games, card games or board games. This will get you good points with your parents for staying at home and him for spending time with them.
• Go stargazing. There are many places where you can look at the sky. Get a blanket and lie down on the ground
• Double date with people. That way you can all chip on gas and food. You would not need to spend as much money. This is also good as you guys would interact with other couples.
• Go to the zoo. This sounds very childish but then seeing nature’s handiwork never fails to make people happy
• Learn a sport together. It could be tennis or badminton. But do it together
• Volunteer to do something good for the community. You can help at Habitat and build houses. You can also help out at soup kitchens. Not only will you be spending time with each other, but you will also be spending time helping other people out.

You do not need to spend a lot to be able to have a good time with your partner. It is just important that you spend time with each other no matter what you both do.


How to Tell if the Guy You Like is Interested in You

Apr 21

So, you haven’t gone out on a date yet, but the guy you like surely looks like he’s about to ask you out, but you’re not sure. The best ways to find out if a guy likes you is to watch his body language carefully and find out what he is saying to other people. Here are some surefire ways to find out if the guy you are into is into you as well:


1. He gives you “the look”. A person’s eyes are the windows to his soul. This hold true about the guy that you like right now. Check out how he looks at you across a room, while walking past you, or across the table when you are out with friends. He may give you a look that will do a complete sweep of you from head to toe which is the “checking out” look. When you are able to catch his eye from across the table, he may let the moment linger a little longer than necessary before looking back down at his food. Either way, by giving you these looks he is showing you that he is definitely interested in getting to know you better.

2. The things he’ll talk about. Your conversation will start out perfectly with him and chances are you will enjoy each other’s company more than you imagined. You will talk about many things, but he will start zoning into very specific questions about yourself and who you hang out with. This is an indicator that he is trying to find out what your values are and if they jive with his. He will also ask you if you are seeing anyone. This question will definitely indicate that he is interested and is hoping to have a good chance with you. So make yourself look available at least by not wearing a ring and not texting and using your cellular phone too much when he’s around.

3. He shows up unpredictably wherever you are. If he likes you, don’t be surprised to suddenly bump into him at the library or at a place where you usually go to relax like a café. If you are out with friends and he suddenly appears out of the blue with his own friends and you all decide to group up, then you can be sure that he’s been checking out your schedule with his friends and some of your friends. He may suddenly appear and tell you that it is such a coincidence. Appreciate his efforts by taking some time out to stop what you’re doing and talking to him. Chances are he’ll ask you to grab coffee or a sandwich with him so that your time with him can be lengthened.

4. He tells other people. Guys are usually private people who don’t like to talk about other people unless the other person really interests them. Having a friend who is both his and your friend, will definitely help in this area. If he has been telling your mutual friend things about you – like bumping into you, enjoying time with you – then you can be sure that he is interested in you in some way. He may even ask your friend to be a bridge between him and you. Old fashioned method, but it still happens. He will definitely try to get more information about you from your common friends to get tips on how to approach you the next time you meet. He will ask about your interests, your activities, your schedule, and sometimes your family. So by asking mutual friends, you will definitely find out if he is interested.

Aside from all that, once you know that he likes you make sure that you continue being yourself and not overdoing some things to get his attention. You were yourself before he noticed you, which is why it is important to remain natural and friendly. By being yourself and remaining well liked by other friends, he will realize that you are more fun than he expected. Finding out he is interested is one thing, keeping him interested is another. Be yourself and don’t be overly aggressive.


How to Bring Back the Romance

Apr 18

So you both have been going out for the past four years. It seems like forever. Sometimes you are bored with each other. Sometimes it feels like a monotonous journey. But despite you feeling that you are in a rut, it is important that you constantly make effort to bring back the romance into the relationship. Many say that it is not so important but there must be a constant effort to place some spice into the relationship. It will not last long. but it would remind you of why you were so passionate about each other during the first time. Here are some ways on how you can easily bring back romance into the relationship:


• Take the time to go on dates. You need to have time with each other away from the mundane things of everyday life. act like giddy teenagers from time to time. It will make you appreciate things about your partner. It might be as simple as watching a movie or drinking coffee. But the act of dating will help keep your relationship running
• Always have meaningful conversations. It is so easy to just fall into a rut and just talk about each other’s day. but it is good to debate about things from time to time. You need to argue (good naturedly of course) about things that interest the both of you or even about politics. This way you are able to keep some fire burning. Intellect is always a big turn on.
• Take the time to kiss. Proper kisses are always needed. The perfunctory peck on the cheek or on the lips is a common thing. It is the easiest thing to do before parting or before sleeping. But it takes time and effort to sit down and kiss. It will bring you back to those moments when you could not get your hands off each other. It will also definitely lead you to a romantic and fun romp.
• Take the time to be intimate. By intimate, I do not mean that you need to have sex all the time. Sex is also good but it is impossible to be having sex all the time. Take time out to hug your partner. There is nothing more comforting and reassuring as a hug during times when you are down.
• Touch your partner. We tend to forget how important stroking the hand or holding hands are. The simple act of touching your partner or stroking the hand would make them feel so loved and wanted.
• Take the time to go out of town. It is easy to get caught up with the mundane things of everyday life. but make sure that you take the time to get out of work and spend time with each other in a different place. It always sets the mood for romance
• Make sure that you give each other enough space. There is nothing like spending too much time together to kill the romance. It gets boring and would make you guys loathe each other.
• Spend time with other people. Spend time with friends and family. That way you learn more about yourself and about other people. If you are always together with each other, the romance will fizzle out even more as there would seem to be nothing more that you can know or find out about each other.
• Do things for each other. Keep the element of surprise there. It is good that you always think about each other and try to surprise each other. This will always keep the other anticipating.
• Do not see each other every day. that way you both have time to do your own things and lead your individual lives.
• Call each other during the day randomly just to say I love you
• Visit your partner as a surprise at work from time to time. It would make the other feel so special
• Do things together like learn a sport together or read a book together. This will create a bond between the both of you. It would be the thing that you would both do together.
• Do not be afraid to show some public displays of affection. You do not grope in public. That would be rather indecent. But kiss the cheek or hug. This will make the other feel that you hold him or her in high regard and are not ashamed to be seen with them.

Do these things and you will see that the romance will continue on. The flame will not burn as strongly but it burn steadily.


How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Apr 06

a relationship is a constant work in progress. You need to work on it constantly. You need to put time and effort in order to make it work. you cannot expect the relationship to just work by itself. You both need to make conscious effort in order to make sure the relationship will be able to last and flourish.


Here are some tips to a healthy relationship:

  • never take each other for granted. Treat your partner the same way you would treat your boss or friend. You would never treat your friend shabbily. Give your partner the same kind of respect and care.
  • Talk constantly. Make sure you give yourselves time to talk to each other. Talk about the mundane things like the lame show on the television. It is good that you both would continue to learn about each other through knowing about your own individual opinions on matter.
  • Argue about little things. When I say argue, I mean debate about things. This will keep things spicy as you both will learn more about each other. You will get to know more likes and dislikes as people change day by day.
  • Go out on dates. It is important that you both would make time to relax with each other. It is hard to get excited about dates when you have been going out with each other for a long time. Try to go to different places to eat or do different things that you do not normally from time to time. This will keep the element of surprise there at all times.
  • Be touchy feely with each other. Make sure that you hug, touch and hold hands. This might sound so juvenile but this will help keep the relationship alive. You both need to feel each other to be able to keep the romance alive.
  • Spend time apart. Although it is good to make sure that you both have quality time together, it is also important that you spend time with other people. This way you both would appreciate each other more. It is also important that you spend time with other people as well so that you will learn about other things from different people.
  • Take up similar things together. Do some sports together or take up a hobby together. It is essential that you both have something in common. Common interests or projects help strengthen the relationship.
  • Go out together once in a while. It is important to get away from the mundane things of everyday life. you need time from everything and go get a change of scenery such as visiting other countries or heading out to the beach.
  • Surprise each other. There is nothing like the element of surprise to get the relationship going strong.
  • Kiss. Kissing is a very important part of the relationship that people tend to forget about. We should never underestimate the role of kisses. They excite people and fulfill the physical needs of people.
  • Travel or go places alone. It is good to be with your partner. But you also need ME time. It will make you a better partner if you also have time for yourself to do things that you like to do. You need to be able to have your own time and your own life.
  • Do things that make you happy. If you like painting, take up painting as a hobby. It is essential that you fulfill your own things. You need to be able to accomplish your own things to be able to feel happy and eventually be a good partner.
  • Have a different set of friends from your common friends with your partner. You both should have common friends. but you also need your own set of friends who like the same things you do. As you both are two different people, you both might not like all the same things. So it is important that some people in your life would be able to share the same things with you.
  • Have a relationship with his family and friends. you might not like all of them. But make it a point to see them. Be nice and polite to them. They are a big part of your partner’s life. if you love your partner, you would take the time to get to know them better.

A relationship is a constant work in progress. You need to always put in effort to make things work. eventually this will all pay off big time.


How to Keep Your Partner Interested in You

Apr 04

If you are currently in a relationship but are noticing that your partner is less responsive to your needs and seems to be losing interest in you as a person, maybe it is time to take a different approach. Most relationships always start out like a fairy tale and the best part of it is the exciting of the beginning. Knowing little about each other, you both love the fact that you learn a little more about each other every day. Every moment brings something new to both of you about the other. But when you are past that stage, where does it go from there?


Most women are faced with this problem when they have been with one person after a long time. They begin to feel like they are too familiar to their partner and they start to panic that their partner will start looking elsewhere for a more exciting relationship. But don’t fret because there are ways that you can still keep the magic in the air and still maintain the steady relationship that you are heavily invested in. All it takes is some initiative on your part to make some small changes and be willing to be a little different in your approach to some aspects of your life. Here are a few tips on how to keep you partner interested in you:

1. First, take some time for yourself to soul-search and find out if the problem lies in you or him. By doing this, you will see what mistakes you are making and try to fix them. In fact, you can even talk to your partner and ask him if there is anything you can do different to spice up the relationship. With men, it is best to approach the problem head-on instead of beating around the bush and trying to fix everything yourself. Have a heart-to-heart talk and find ways you can reignite the flame between you.

2. Try to be different and try talking less about yourself and listen to him. Most men are used to hearing their significant other rant and rave about their day. Take a different approach and find out how your partner’s day went. Take an hour to completely focus on his work and friends. You’ll find that he has a lot to say, but he is just not being listened to. This way, you will find out more about what he enjoys and wants to do with you to strengthen the relationship you are both nurturing.

3. Approach your guy, sit with him, and discuss your long term goals in the future. Whether or not it involves you and him together or not, this is a great way to find out what he is interested in achieving later on. This will give you a clue as to how you might fit in his plans or not. He may give you a clear signal that he takes you very seriously and sees you with him in his future. Then you can plan things ahead of time that will fit into both your goals and planned life experiences.

4. Be fun and exciting! Guys like to see their partner lively and living life to the fullest. They don’t want to be stuck with a girl who dwells on problems and mopes about problems. They want a girl who may fall but picks herself up again and resumes with a smile and a positive outlook. Don’t be gloomy and boring. Plan activities that will allow both of you an exciting experience like scuba diving, mountain climbing, or hiking. You can be sure that he will love your energy and will look forward to hanging out with you again.

5. Give him some space and be open to him meeting up with friends alone and doing his own thing without you. Trust is one of the best foundations for strong relationships. By giving each other time and space to do your own thing, you can grow as individuals and not have to be inseparable all the time.

6. Stay sexy and keep him interested by taking care of your appearance and hygiene, from looks to scent. Guys are very visual creatures and like to have beautiful partners that they can admire and appreciate. Just imagine that you are still in your early relationship stages and staying pretty is essential. Don’t let yourself go just because things have gotten too familiar between you and your man.

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