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Posts from September, 2012

Tips On How To Attract Your Potential Lifetime Partner

Sep 29

It’s natural for people to dream of having a good romantic relationship with another individual. Many of these individuals go out on dates to mingle other individuals and if they are lucky, find the ideal partner whom they want to spend their life with.

However, many individuals are not that successful in captivating their ideal partner’s heart and be in a long-term relationship. These individuals, then, tend to get depressed and start asking questions about what they can do to attract a potential partner. For these individuals, here are some tips that can help attract their potential partner and have a successful relationship.

Be a breath of fresh air in front of other people

Being friendlier or cheerful doesn’t hurt. You can attract your potential partner and being friendly is usually the first step in doing so. People have this ability to feel a person’s aura or personality and they tend to avoid people who look ill-tempered all the time. It’s like feeling an impenetrable barrier upon their first meeting. If you will meet a new person, be more cheerful and full of positive energy so you will not drive people away.

The art of moving on

Moving on is vital in attracting a potential partner in your life. Clinging to past relationships will not be helpful for you especially if you are still bitter with your breakup. This bitterness transcends into a negative energy that can be a big turn off. Furthermore, you will tend to look for your ex in the persona of your potential partner, which is not good in a relationship. He or she will just end up as a rebound and result to another breakup. Remember to move on, sort and throw away your bitterness, and be happy.

Assessing your past mistakes

Jumping immediately into dating may not be that advisable at all times, specifically if you are looking for another partner in life. Take time to assess the mistakes you’ve done in the past as well as problems in your relationship. From there, you can start attracting your potential partner and correct the mistakes that you’ve done before. Furthermore, you will build a stronger relationship as you have acknowledged your mistakes and learned from it.

Haste is waste

Remember that being in a relationship is a two way process. This includes the actual prelude of being in a relationship. Gauge the person you’re dating and see if he or she is ready to be in a steady relationship or not. Avoid pressure and let your potential partner be comfortable first in your companionship so you will have a stronger bond in the process.

Attracting a potential partner is a series or process and identifying these tips will help you find the best person to stand beside you at all times. Dating or getting to know another person is also possible online so it would be best to have the perfect internet options for your home use if you need to communicate with the person you’re attracted to online.

Author’s Bio:

Krystine Joy Sitjar believes that attracting a potential partner can be done through communication and correcting past mistakes in a relationship. Is an expert in a broad array of topics such as self help, web technologies and online marketing to name a few.


Wedding Proposal Ideas

Sep 28

Every woman wants a real story to tell when it comes to her wedding proposal, something she and her girlfriends can laugh and cry over later on. This means that a lot of men feel under pressure to make it just perfect which can lead to a massive mind blank. To combat this we have put this list of 10 proposal ideas together!

  1. Get on stage. If your girlfriend has a band or theatre production that she loves then book tickets, call ahead and ask if you can hop on stage in the intermission or after the show to make your proposal.
  2. Arrange a scavenger hunt. Give you girlfriend clues as to where you have hidden little gifts for her. This could simply be around your home or you could go wider and hide them at various points that mean a lot to you in your town. The final gift could be a ring.
  3. Chalk your proposal. Go to your favourite restaurant and ask the waiter to write ‘will you marry me’ on her desert board.
  4. Write in the snow. Head out early one snowy morning and write your proposal in the snow. Call her and ask her to go to the window where she will be super surprised.
  5. Rock the mic. When you are next out a pub, club or party get the DJ to play her favourite song and at the end grab the mic and get down on one knee.
  6. Think Hollywood. Recreate your favourite movie proposal. Perfect for film buffs.
  7. Gone with the wind. Take your girlfriend on a hot air balloon ride at sunset. As you fly through the crowds you can pop the Champaign cork and the big question.
  8. Caught on camera. Head off to a theme park with your girlfriend and buddies. When you ride the log flume make her sit at the front and as you pass the camera you and your friends in the back hold up signs with ‘will you marry me?’ written on. She will get a huge surprise when she checks out the photos at the end of the ride.
  9. Say it in icing. Bake her a cake and ice your proposal on the top.
  10. Say it in wax. If you are planning to redecorate a room write your proposal on the wall in clear wax without your girlfriend knowing. When she paints over it the message will be revealed!

Vicky is from and has been married for 4 years. Her husband proposed in one of her favourte parks in the moonlight. She loves to write articles on all aspects of wedding planning.


Simple Tips To Be Happy And Get More Confidence

Sep 16

1. Start working out, build some muscle and lose some weight.
2. Sleep for at least 8 hours per day AT night, every night. You should listen to your body more. It has the answers.
3. Meditate (pranayama or mindfulness).
4. Eat good, nutritious and wholesome food. If you can, go vegan or minimize the amount of meat products you take. I’d especially recommend a high carb, raw vegan diet with b12 and other supplements.
5. Realize that happiness if your natural state of being. All is well right now.

I guarantee you that if you do the above things you’ll be happier than you are right now and more confident. People act like this shit is hard and mysterious but it really isn’t. Take care of your body and it’ll reward you 100 times.

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