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6 thoughts on “[adultfriendfinder.com] Adult Friend Finder Reviews – Read Real Reviews & Post Yours!

  1. In contrast to the other glowing reviews here, I am not sure if i am as impressed with this site. But first, i must say that AFF DOES NOT seem to have the enormous amount of fake profiles that other sites have. However, my fairly broad search in a very populous area turned up only 4 potential matches who were actual subscribing members. ( at least 2+ million population within 100 mile radius of the twin cities metro). i just have a basic membership but that doesn’t change the above experience.

  2. AFF is not a scam. I’ve banged around 5 women from the site. Yes, they false advertise with fake profiles, but once you’re in the profiles are all genuine. Here’s the trick to it: You have to send a PM to EVERY SINGLE woman in your area. You’ll get around 3-4 replies to every 100 emails and all but 1 will fizzle out to nothing.

  3. Absolute BS!!! Only responses are automated and obviously fake. Most of the people aren’t anything but Free members who cannot contact you……unless you pay an extra $25 or so a month on top of your normal fee’s. Even left email address and no responses except the fake produced ones from the site. Rubbish!

  4. The website was easy to get around. I do feel like there are good people on there that want to find love. Some seem all for show though. I think it can get confusing to people what others real want. Would probably just try another site. For those looking for just dating or sex it is good. For those who want a lasting relationship I would tell then to try something else.

  5. My wife and I are heavily into the swinging scene and have found that Adult FriendFinder is a great way to meet new and adventurous couples and groups. We regularly attend big swingers’ parties, but also have 2-on-2 encounters very often. If you’re into the swinging lifestyle then I highly recommend you check it out. It’s really opened our eyes to a whole new world of opportunity

  6. I have joined many many adult dating sites and I can honestly say that AFF is the best of a bad lot. Just like all the rest, it has fake profiles and scammers, but does have more members than all the rest and that means more real women. If you’re smart enough to tell the difference then you’ll succeed. If not, then you’ll fail.

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