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  1. There are lots of real woman in my town as i see photos, yes you do get lots of overseas chats but just say no and stick to local and have fun,bit more pricy than some other sites but lots of woman on it in hometown so can’t be all bad, form your own opinion, no harm in doing a month it’s not that expensive and if you don’t like after just delete profile. You may even find what your looking for…

  2. BN is not for the lazy or faint-hearted (or insolvent) Man. Yes, Its an absolute sausage fest, with alot of lonely women just on there to tease or simply boost their self confidence, but if you stick with it and have enough patience, self promotion, charm on chat then you can get alot out of it. I’m a medium good looking 30 year old bloke,I’ve seduced about 6 hot women so far in as many months and had some amazing meets for sex. Those blokes who say ‘its a con’ just don’t have Game. The actual website is slow and poorly designed but you can just about get by to serve the purpose. Its too expensive for what it is but I’m still on it.

  3. The majority of women in the Sheffield area would appear to be 18 year models. My lord this is the most obvious and complete rip-off I have ever paid for! Do not subscribe, I had dozens of fake profiles attempt to chat, message and rate me within 5 minutes of joining. Complete waste of time!

  4. Great site you have to be patient have a picture up and know who are scamers and who are not its easy just block em I do. I’ve met someone on.this site and I’m over the moon so hey don’t give in just yet. Happy dating guys!

  5. Hey, im a 20 year old female and for me it’s free to use benaughty. I think the site is a great way to meet people and I found a great guy and we have meet up twice for great sex. You get out what you put in dont just expect people to email you, you have to sift through the shit and get chatting to people.

  6. Pretty good overall, there are tons of girls here, most of them are good looking and they write back. Im currently not looking for anything serious, so im just looking to see whats out there, and im hoping though maybe iwill find it here. The site is pretty easy to use too, sometimes there are dating sites that are so complicating.

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