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6 thoughts on “[catholicmatch.com] Catholic Match Reviews – Read Real Reviews & Post Yours!

  1. Hi everybody! I’m really happy that I’ve found Catholicmatch.com. Now I spend all free time there. I have many friend and people who share my faith. I thank God for this online community where I feel myself right at home!

  2. Catholic Match helped me to find the one I love. We had a marriage two ago and are absolutely happy together. Thanks God for this happiness!

  3. They ripped me off! They took my money for over 2 years of being on the site, and then, unexpectedly, they kicked me off the website and did not refund me for the money….

  4. This site is not bad actually. It gives people an opportunity to talk about God and pray together. I think it was a good idea to create such project.

  5. CatholicMatch.com makes it really easy to find other Catholics who live near me. I tried meeting singles at church, but it’s a bit limiting. Reluctantly, I chose to try online dating. I looked at other sites and read the reviews on this site, and gave CatholicMatch.com a chance and I’m so happy.

  6. I was so pleased when I found and tried CatholicMatch.com. I’m a very devout Catholic, so it’s important to me to find someone who shares my religious views. I was nervous to try online dating, but was reassured to know that CatholicMatch.com matches me with others who share my faith. The profiles I browse are people with similar values systems and that matters to me.

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