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  1. This is so interesting reading the reviews. I met my husband on eHarmony 7 years ago. He was a match for me at the very first but I thought there’s no way! I cancelled my membership for 6 months. one lonely night I signed back up. He was still there so I pinged him. Within a week we met. Two months later got married. I’m still grateful for eHarmony bringing us together. He was never what I imagined myself to be with but I was wrong. He was exactly what I needed– I just didn’t know it at first. Allow yourself to branch out of your comfort zone and you might be surprised.

  2. It is a great site. I am now married and have two beautiful baby girls thanks to this site to find the love of my life. Thank You eharmony!!! I wish more people will use this site as much as I did.

  3. I’m filling out the profile as a new user. Apparently, my getting up early before work to do this was a waste. My page expired and there is NO phone # for someone who isn’t registered for help. Just a computer that matches key words like “the, of, in” I found all this out later when I spent MORE time on the internet to find a #. I did and the person told me #’s weren’t available unless you register (which is what I was trying to do). He also said there is a time period per page, but they don’t post that so I LOST ALL MY DATA and TIME!!!!

    If e harmony takes care of its business in the beginning with a prospective and once positive customer, then how on earth is their service going to work!


  4. I am so happy with EH, i was match with my fiance on march 2010, at that time i was out of the country, we start, email each other for about 1 month, then on the phone for 1 month. On May we decided to meet came to denver where he lives and we are getting married on nov 5 2010. Plus I found all that i want, same age, no kids etc…. We love each other.

    We both are so happy that we found each other…. THANKS E HARMONY!!!!!!

  5. I was sent 25 matches in the first week alone. One of the matches was Keith. We went through each step given us. Then went to open chat and finally he gave me his number to call him. Our first phone call was 4 hours long. I hadn’t talked that much on the telephone since high school. I found that we lived less than a mile away from each other. We dated a year when he proposed on Christmas Eve and married the following year. We have been married for 6 years now and are very happy. Thank you, e-Harmony!

  6. I have to say that I have had great experience with eHarmony customer service. Every time I called I got my answer within 5 mins. I think you may have gotten the new guy or gal.

  7. The eharmony process is much better than the “free” sites and definitely matches you with people of similar personality type. The people I met were very nice and I liked them as people. I’m currently dating someone I met there and we’ll see where things go.

  8. I joined eHarmony by getting a 3 month membership for $110 dls, after a friend recommended it. I like their process better than other matching websites because I don’t have to search through all the existing members. With eHarmony the matches are pre-selected for me and at least I know there’s things in common with the person from the day we start talking. I also like their initial “get to know each other” process. It’s helped me identify quality people almost from the beginning.
    I received about 100 matches the first month and a half. I communicated to some degree with about 20 of them, emailed with about 5 of them and had dates with two. I actually ended up in a relationship with one of them. This guy is very similar to me in more ways than I could’ve imagined. We share interests, sense of humor, family background, values, goals, etc… even personality traits I don’t often see in other people, not even my friends. From the beginning it was very easy to be with him. I attribute that to the initial personality test, and the fact that this guy was pre-selected for me among 13,000,000 other users.
    I actually had a few minor problems with their website, which were quickly resolved after I phoned their 24/7 Customer Service. They were efficient and nice every time I called. They even extended my membership for another month after I called them with a technical problem – which I didn’t need anyway since I’m already dating this guy.
    eHarmony is worth the effort if you’re really looking for a serious long-term relationship. I’d definitely recommend it.

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