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5 thoughts on “[match.com] Match Reviews – Read Real Reviews & Post Yours!

  1. Match.com is a cool site to match up with the others in the cyber-world date world. I created my account about 9 months ago after a friend had told me she met her new husband on Match.com, and although I’m not seeking a serious date, I am actually curious about what everyone else is doing. Through i also find a person who i think will be able to my soullmate which I am searching from long time.
    Thanks match.com!!!

  2. I barely signed on to match.com going on a month now and after the first week got a wink from a man that has since become someone very special and important to me we plan to meet in the next week or so and I pray that everything works out for the both of us.

  3. Please don’t use this service. I was charged for a six month subscription at £75 when I only subscribed for a three day trial and one month subscription afterwards. When I called their customer service they said they can’t help on that. There are many decent sites for cheaper monthly costs that don’t rip you off.

  4. I just got to say that most of the women on there I run into are very materialistic, very spoiled. They seem to be all the same as a previous comment had said. I have weeded through hundreds of profiles, and maybe found two or three dozen that where any good. The sites a good site, but don’t expect to get a response without a picture. The women seem to almost instantly think your some sort of creep expecially if you comment or keep visiting. Most behave pretty poorly so far, and do not respond to messages. So yeah get some decent maybe professional pictures up, and hope for the best.

  5. I met a perfect guy on match. Match gave us a 100% match rating for eachother, and they were right. We both are interested in the same career and in the future start a shelter (maybe together?) we’ve been talking for a few weeks and I’ve never felt so good about someone this fast. It might be premature to say, but match found me the perfect guy. We’re going on our second date very soon.

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