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5 thoughts on “[zoosk.com] Zoosk Reviews – Read Real Reviews & Post Yours!

  1. I think this site is brilliant, very easy to use and to people who are complaining about it being a scam you must be ugly twats because im getting alot of attention of girls met up with afew as well.

  2. I became friends on with my boyfriend through this site. We live in the same area but had no idea who the other person was. We were friends for 2 years before having the nerve to meet up.
    Last August he proposed and we are getting married in July.
    Thanks Zoosk!

  3. I am currently a member of this site, and I’ve never being so disgusted with myself forthe having falling prey to such bullshit and a total waste of my money, l’ve been a member for some time now and have sent messages winks, smiles to over 50 so called woman… And could you believe 0″ reply from any of them, this site is positively a scam! but to be fair to them on occasion some fat ugly polar bear would send you request to talk… they have a video out there praising the ZOOSK site; it’s a lie from the pit of hell…Wish I could get my money back, I’m still trying to figure out how to discontinue my membership, cause it’s to bad I can’t give a half star!

  4. I joined zoosk about a month ago, in the first 3 days i met 4 woman. all of them said in their profile that they lived within 20 miles of Danville KY. Well they wanted to chat on yahoo messenger nad meet me personally. Thanks Zoosk for helping me in finding new partners!!

  5. I have to say I had much luck,enjoy the site even tho I can’t do much I won’t pay a dime for it why? I actually can reply one time when I see a men or they see me Its either number or E-mail exchange so I get a easy hold of them so far I met 8 men they all look like theyr profile pictures much handsome and they where such gentleman and had good manners so far I’m dating at least 2 a week and taking it slow this site has been good to me haven’t had problems,sure people are making fake profiles etc.but c’mon you can’t be that slow not to recognize it o_O be smart and patient if you figure zoosk out you will be suprised there is actually men out here who are looking for someone who ot might be you 🙂

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