Using Technology to Send a Romantic Message, and Making it Meaningful

Using Technology to Send a Romantic Message, and Making it Meaningful

Romancing your mate has become even easier than ever before. No longer is it necessary to wait for a love letter from a mate that takes days-or even weeks-to send by postal mail.

In this day and age, many partners are giving and receiving romantic messages electronically. E-mails, phone text/SMS messages, and instant messages (IM) are some of the ways those messages are sent.

One of the challenges of sending a message to someone via text or IM is making it meaningful. Although electronic sweet “nothings” are very acceptable nowadays, it would mean more if you take thought and care in how you construct your message.

The extent of the creativity you put into your messages may depend upon your phone services. If your phone will allow you to choose the background color and font color you will have more options.

Another idea would be to edit a photo of you and your sweetheart together using a photo editing program installed on either a desktop or laptop computer. Then, you can transfer this to your phone using the cable that comes with your phone designed for this purpose.

It would be ideal if you place the phone in some kind of virtual heart, cupid, or other “love” frame. Your special someone would appreciate the simple yet creative way that you have expressed your love for him or her.

Expressions of love via SMS, Text Message, or other electronic means are a method most often used by teens or young adults. However, it can be a way of communication for anyone who is out of town, stuck at work, or has another commitment keeping him or her away from her time with her special Valentine.

Text messages and SMS messages are also a great way to tell fellow classmates, co-workers, and long-distance family and friends Happy Valentine’s Day. After all, it would be impossible for you to buy all your acquaintances and associates a gift-unless you are filthy rich. It may be a great way to flirt with that guy or girl you have a crush on but have not yet asked out.

The use of a text message on Valentine’s Day-or any other time of the year for that matter-is a simple way to show you care. It is a great way to say you haven’t forgotten about the person. It is especially useful in case you are not able to give that person a gift right on the holiday, but will be giving that person one soon.

Text messaging and e-mailing via phones is even getting easier. Some phones come equipped with a full keyboard, and most phones also have Internet capabilities nowadays.


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