– How to have Inexpensive yet Satisfying Dates

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All your dates cannot be as extravagant as the first one. All the dates cannot be treated as special as your fifth year anniversary. But you cannot stop going on dates. In order to keep the relationship running, you need to go out on dates and relax away from home and work, which are the mundane parts of your life. so how do you actually enjoy yourself if you are not sitting in a posh French restaurant? How do you enjoy yourself without spending so much? Here are some examples of inexpensive yet great dates:


• go watch an art film together. Most art films are sponsored by the embassies of their respective countries. This is why most of them are free or would only cost almost nothing. Take your loved one to an art film.
• Go to an art gallery or museum. There are some free ones that you can enter. Soak yourself in culture and be together.
• Prepare a picnic together. You need not spend too much. Choose some filling yet inexpensive finger foods. You can prepare your own sandwiches and bring water. This is great as you do not need to spend too much and you get to experience something different.
• Fly kites. This sounds so silly and juvenile. But this would be one of the most enjoyable dates you have ever had. Not only will you be together, you will also be able to feel young again.
• Run around an open field. Remember the days when you were young and would play tag. No one is stopping you from playing tag. Play it again and experience the child in you while enjoying the company of your loved one.
• Enter the bookstore. Many fail to see how the bookstore can be a date place. But it can be a good date place. You both check out books that interest you both and even discuss what books interest each other
• Watch a live band or a solo act. There are many places that offer live bands or solo artists. You both can each drink a bottle or two. This would not cost much. Just make sure that you have both eaten already. Otherwise you will both be drunk before the night is even over.
• Watch television or DVDs at home. this might sound boring. But it is nice to just curl up on the soft chair in the comfort of your own home and be in the arms of your sweetheart.
• Cook for him. this is cheaper than going out to eat in a restaurant. You will even wow him with your domestic skills.
• Try your hand at baking or cooking. Make sure that both of you do this. It will make you feel closer as you both try to do something together.
• Exercise together. You can jog around the park or swim together. This makes for a terrific date as you both keep fit and yet do it together
• Take a walk around the more beautiful spots in your area. There must be a tourist spot in your area. Walk around that place and admire the beauty
• Spend time with your families. play video games, card games or board games. This will get you good points with your parents for staying at home and him for spending time with them.
• Go stargazing. There are many places where you can look at the sky. Get a blanket and lie down on the ground
• Double date with people. That way you can all chip on gas and food. You would not need to spend as much money. This is also good as you guys would interact with other couples.
• Go to the zoo. This sounds very childish but then seeing nature’s handiwork never fails to make people happy
• Learn a sport together. It could be tennis or badminton. But do it together
• Volunteer to do something good for the community. You can help at Habitat and build houses. You can also help out at soup kitchens. Not only will you be spending time with each other, but you will also be spending time helping other people out.

You do not need to spend a lot to be able to have a good time with your partner. It is just important that you spend time with each other no matter what you both do.