How to Let a Person Down Easy

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Sometimes even a fairly good relationship has to end for whatever reason. Perhaps you have different goals than your partner, or you realize you do not love that person enough to want to spend the rest of your life with him or her.

If you are in a situation where you decide it is time to end your relationship there are ways to do so without losing your dignity. There are also ways to do so without causing your partner to feel unworthy or unlovable.

When ending a relationship, it is best to not focus on what you do not like about the person you are about to break up with. Remember, you are dealing with a human being who has feelings. If the person must know why, however, there are tactful ways to tell that person why you want out of the relationship.

One way you can tell your partner why you do not want to be in the relationship is to simply say “although I enjoyed my time with you, I do not feel the passion I would want to feel in a relationship.” You can also explain that although you value that person deeply as a good friend that you know you and that person are not right for each other.

When you end a relationship with someone you will also want to be careful to explain that it is not that person’s fault. This is true, especially if the person is a nice, kind, and trustworthy person. This can be hard to do, as there is no easy way to end even a halfway decent relationship.

Perhaps the best way to let a nice person down easy is to say, “It is possible that you and I could have a great life together if we try. However, this relationship is not really what I am looking for.” You may also want to ad that you had no intention of hurting the person in any way by needing to end things, and you also will want to be sure to wish that person well.

No one likes to be the one to bear bad news to another. However, being honest with a person now will safe you years of grief in the long run.

It would not be wise to make another person think there will be a long-term relationship if you truly do not feel the way you feel you should feel about someone you would be in love with.

In case you are worried that you will break the person’s heart remember this: most nice people appreciate honesty. In other words, nice men and women would prefer to know right away that the love they feel for another is not reciprocated.

If this is the case, you are freeing that person to be able to find the love they deserve-since it is clear it will not be from you. Besides, in the event you realize that you made a mistake in letting the person go there is a greater chance of restoration later on in the event you were honest in the first place.