Self Confidence In Child: A Responsibility Of Parents

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Self-confidence in a child will play a major role in laying the foundation for a good adult life.

Most children only tend to develop the sense of self-confidence, by taking their parents as examples. For a child, the first two years of its life are the years when the brain develops.

“Parents need to give a lot of love and attachment to their child during this time. The baby will tend to adapt to the energy and situation around it.”

Children also can build their self-confidence by working out what parents did to improve their image. A child must not at any cost try to remember too much of the past. If the past has been difficult, it is always good to forgive parents for what they did, and also to break away from their behavioral pattern.

The parents must contribute in a way that the child need not see their ‘unhappiness’ or ‘negative traits.’ Children may tend to mirror certain qualities about their parents.

A lot of time has to be dedicated to playing with the child and also otherwise. If the child is neglected, he or she may think that they are not worth someone’s time. They will begin to feel less confident. If they are around family all the time, it will help them initiate play too.

This will make them feel important, and this will surely play a good role in allowing them to feel the same way when they grow up. Any child has to be addressed by his or her name.Confidence in Child

This way they will feel happy and special, that they are also a part of the family conversation. If not, they may begin to feel like an outsider. Whatever the child does has to be appreciated. If the child is not encouraged in any activities at home or school, this may result in him feeling worthless.

Once they have taken a step towards an interest, parents must help nurture that passion. Having a look at all your child’s friends is a good way to monitor the child’s self-confidence. You must make sure they are not being bullied by any of their friends