Tired of Getting Rejected?

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Men! Are You Looking For:

  • Asian Women
  • Caucasian Women
  • Attractive Women
  • African American Women
  • Finding Attractive Women is Not a Problem But they all have a Bad Attitude
  • Finding Women With a Great Personality is Easy but very few are attractive
  • Finding Women with a good personality OR that are attractive is hard

If you are a man and looking for a woman that is lovely, and has the right attitude, I promise you there are TONS of them out there. And you are probably a great guy they would be excited about too!

But if you are one of the big dating sites, like for example, POF (Plenty of Fish) and you are not presenting yourself correctly, then guess what? You are not standing out! And these women who would like you in real life will not get the chance to know you when they could have!

There are lots of attractive women who love to chat, will text and chat with you immediately, and start the process of mysterious intrigue, real interest, and those butterflies in your stomach. But you have to LOOK IN THE RIGHT PLACES and you HAVE TO PRESENT YOURSELF RIGHT.

If you are having bad success on dating sites, you need to take some advice on where to look for new sites, and you probably need a revamp of 1) Your profile, 2) Your Attitude, and 3) Your Conversation Skills.

There are a zillion people out there just like you, and there is someone wonderful who is looking for you too.

Again, you are going to put in WAY less effort and get WAY more results if you put your effort into setting up things correctly and LOOKING IN THE RIGHT PLACES.

You only catch fish where you fish right? There are good dating sites like POF, (Plenty of Fish) and others like OK Cupid and what not. But why are you going to waste all your time on a site like Plenty of Fish, reinventing the Wheel, trying to figure out everything on your own. Take the advice from some experts, and get put on the fast track. Life is short so don’t waste your time and effort in the wrong places and in the wrong ways!

Here’s the top 5 places for men:

If you are a woman looking for a man, the advice is the same, but you need to get your information from experts who spend their time of where to find the right men and HOW TO PRESENT YOURSELF.

Get READY for change and also CHANGE in your Results.

Here’s the top places for women:

2.Learn How to Text, And How to Present Yourself

For Men:

For Women:

3.Conversation Skills and Tips

Most of your conversations come from your body-language and voice tone. It is very important to learn how to say anything and have that convey any meaning you want.

A good exercise is to practice saying different common phrases and use your voice tone, body language and expressions to convey different meanings. Like take any expression, and practice saying that when you are very insecure and then as if you are the most confident person of this earth.

Don’t be desperate to date. Tell her you are busy before you are available. Follow the scarcity principle.

Behave like a confident man. See this How Confident Men Behave

Don’t ask common questions on a date. That doesn’t create ATTRACTION. You can not be boring. Don’t have a boring body language. Sit back. Ever seen romantic heros? Learn from them.