A Date’s Good First Impression

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Being asked out on a date gives people different reactions, some are excited, some are nervous, some are scared and some are confused. But most of these reactions are also focused on how they are going to be ‘measured’ on a first date.


First impressions could sometimes be nerve-wracking. This is most especially true to those who are new to the world of dating, but there are still some veterans who still feel the chills. So here are a few things that will surely make that first impression the best.

When asked for a date, aside from the schedule, clothes to wear is probably next on the list. Make sure that when you dress up, it is according to where you would be going. Comfortable clothes are often the best advice for going on a date, but then make sure not to be on too comfy clothes, you might end up being too under dressed. If possible, do not wear new clothes or underwear. It is better that you wear something you have worn once so that you know how it feels. A nice cologne or light perfume could also wrap your whole outfit.

Posture is important. For those who lack a little height, a nice, slender posture could make you look taller. This also shows that you are confident to be with your date. Besides, your clothes look better on you with a good posture.

Find something nice to compliment your date. Make sure that it is not a generic greeting like ‘I like your shoes or shirt’. It could be some small thing like that nice locks that probably took a while to prepare or a nice jacket that brings out the color of the eyes. Just make sure that you are sincere.

Subtle flirting is good. It shows that you are interesting and fun. Just make sure that you do keep it under control. Remember that there is a small line between subtle flirting and overly eager. A good degree of flirting most of the time also makes you a little more approachable.

Do not overly praise yourself. Let your date be the judge of your character. There is no point in bragging, if your date thinks you are lying. Now, there is no need to seal all information about you, just let your date in to what they ask. A little mystery always keeps them coming back.

Be naturally interested about your date. However, you have to make sure that you choose good conversational topics. This will keep your date’s attention on you without feeling bored. Avoid strong topics like politics and religion. Just choose some light topics like movies you both have enjoyed, or any particular sports you would like to take or is taking.

If there are some personal questions that you would like to know, always give your date the option to answer or not. There may be some questions that you do not find offending, but is a big deal for them.

Always give your date your full attention. You can try to put your phone into vibrate or silent mode, so that you will not be distracted by unnecessary text messages or calls. If it is really necessary, then make sure that you excuse yourself politely and keep the conversation short.

Have fun. One of the best ways to make a great first impression is to make sure that you are genuinely enjoying yourself. It is quite necessary to give out nice, healthy chuckles once in a while. If you are great with jokes, you can tell your date some. But you have to keep the jokes clean, not racist or offending.

A fun date may also include some more unplanned destinations once you feel comfortable with your date, but make sure that you hold off on any alcoholic drinks on the first date, this would avoid any major blunder.

Thank your date. This is an essential step by the end of the night. It doesn’t matter if you were the one who asked for a date, or the one asked. The date turned out that way because of the two of you. It is always a good idea to show that you have good manners. This may also be the deciding factor if you are going to get that second date.