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“I have just met a girl. I like her and I think that she likes me too. Problem is I can’t ask her to go out. I don’t know how, and it is really frustrating”. This is a dilemma for everybody. They had met someone that they were just dying to ask out. They thought this person is absolutely perfect in every way. But they are scared to death to ask that person for a date, and so they never did.


Do you have the same problem? Can’t you ask somebody for a date? Do you still wonder at times how your life might have been different if you had only had the courage to ask?

For many youngsters today, and even adults of course, asking somebody for a date is really intimidating. Many are scared even at the thought of asking someone on a date. They just can’t do it with ease but very uncomfortable doing such a loving act. It is probably because they lack experience.

Don’t worry too much. Asking someone out will be easy. We can help you. Think of dating as simply getting to know someone. This will ease the pressure that you feel. If the night ends in romance, it is great. If it doesn’t, either the time has not come yet, or you were simply weren’t right for each other.

Here are some advices that are simple yet very effective. The following are simple but essential tips you could lean on when you find it hard asking a person for a date:

Just be yourself. Some put huge effort in impressing somebody of whom they are not, just to look cool. If you fear that you may be rejected by someone you ask on a date because you are “not look cool” like somebody else’s, then you definitely will not be successful.  This is a bad start. Looking this way will be really awkward. So, go ahead if you look unpopular. It is better to be yourself rather than imitating other people, especially someone who knew by the person you are asking for a date.

Ask the person personally. This way, you will have the opportunity to see the person you want to date face to face and observe their body language and facial expressions. In an instant, you can see if she is interested. If not, you might find a way to somehow give interest to your invitation. You might as well see her excitement and here some of her thoughts on how you will pursue your date. She might do not want to go to the movies but rather prefer to go to a park or somewhere relaxing. Or it might be the other way. Show interest to what she is saying. Remember, do not forget to smile. Being too serious or looking nervous might lose the interest of the girl you are asking.

Make a plan. Planning will impress your girl. It will show that you are really interested with her and it expresses the idea that she is special. Know her interest and use it. It is always advisable to do a little research about his likes and dislikes. This extra information can act as some great conversation starters and will definitely help to create a positive impression about you on her. But remember, you have to show a genuine interest, because she will really feel it. And if she does, to her, you are one of a kind and indispensable and might be the right man for her.

Just enjoy and relax. Be spontaneous. Enjoy the time you are having together. Make her enjoy the night as you are enjoying it too. Show here that she is important to you. Pamper her with praises, but be sincere about it.  Be yourself and have a good time with her. Women like men who are comfortable with themselves.

Having the feeling that you are with somebody you like and giving her attention to you is intoxicating. It is a pleasure that everybody is dreaming. While at first it is awkwardly, following the foregoing tips will surely help you to ask someone on a date!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It is better to be yourself rather than imitating other people, especially someone who knew by the person you are asking for a date.