Be cool, not only cool but super-cool :)

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First, let’s examine what are the opposite symptoms of being cool?

—Trembling voice??
—Tension in muscles??
—Mind going blank??
—Unnecessary thoughts coming in??
—Tight face expressions??
—Worrying how others are thinking of you
—Unnessesary fears
—Keep the above symptoms away from you, just don’t let them creep in, and you are moving a step forward in being cool.

Being cool, is all about:

—how you walk
—how you talk
—how you act
—how you feel (that’s most important)
—how you interact with others
—’How you feel’ is most important, because if you feel right, the other 4 things will come in automatically.

How to be cool?

—Changing your beliefs about certain things
—Healthy mind
—Practicing relaxation
—There should be a “feel good factor” always

Changing your beliefs is not easy, you got to change your mind pattern, that is, the way your mind responds to certain situations. Your mind is like a programmable device, it reacts to situations the way it is programmed. So, if you program it right, it will respond to situations the way you want automatically!

Now, the question is how to program your mind? or what programs your mind? The answer is, “YOUR OWN THOUGHTS”. So, keep your thoughts positive and healthy.