Break the Ice on your First Date

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Every first date can be nerve-cracking. Awkwardness is the worst part of a first date. Some people cannot speak and talk to his date with the same confidence he has when he is in front of his friends and family. Breaking the ice on a first date can be difficult, especially if without a plan. Breaking the ice on the first date can be easy with a little bit of forethought. You can also avoid potentially embarrassing or upsetting situations. And there is one way to keep that from happening- to have a list of questions on breaking the ice. But before you can read the list of questions, you have to know first simple things on how will you start a conversation.

First Date

The thing you have to do is to choose an activity that will inspire conversation. Most of the dates are spent in silence, so, movies, plays and concerts are not necessarily the best choices. The best choices for dates are silent places like museums, galleries and open air festivals. These places are more conductive to conversation. If the both of you enjoy sports, then it is best for you to go on sports event. Sporting events are good bet for those will allow the both of you to have a conversation while the action plays out.

You can make jokes to your date, but be sure that those only general or self- effacing humors. You should avoid making fun of others, like jokes about politics or religious beliefs. If you are not comfortable of trying to be funny, you may skip this. It is very important to be natural, act as you are and be comfortable.

You may also break the ice by asking questions. Show your interest when asking, but you should be careful not to get too personal, too quickly. Usually, the safest topics are work, pets, hometown and music. When possible, you can ask about topics that will reveal personality like your date’s favorite comedians or bands.

If necessary, you can have a plan, and fall back to a stock question where you can draw out a conversation. For an instance, ask this, “What are your top five music of all time?” or “If you are going to be another person right now, who it would be?” That would be very great and would bring you a lot of fun.

The following are other questions that you can ask to your date to get to know her more. You may ask her, “What is the best thing on the menu?” Assuming that your date has already been on the same restaurant before, it is one of the more convenient question for breaking the ice. “What do you do for fun?” will let you learn a lot about your date based on what he/ she does during his/her free time. If your date found trouble to answer this question, then your date may be a workaholic or he has no life to speak of. But if the both of you have the same interests, you have already something to talk about. You can also ask your date if she has any pets. Some people love talking about heir pets. This is the reason why it is the best to ask on a first date. You can keep the things lively once you already get to swap your funny pet stories.

There are a lot of questions for you to ask on your first date to get to know someone more. Avoid asking inappropriate questions like about having kids on your first date. You just want to learn enough for you to decide if you want to go on a second date.

It is very important to avoid boasting. Boasting may upset your date. Avoid complaining and using adult language. Try to keep your conversation positive. You should also be a good listener; it’s not just you that will talk all the time. Remember, it is a first date not a declamation contest. It is always important to listen to your date, especially if you are a boy, and respond to her in a way that will show that she is being listened to. And that her thoughts and feelings are also important to you. You can find connections in her views and feelings, allow her to steer the conversation.
You should remember not interrogate your date. Do not even make the mistake of trying to script things, instead, have a general idea of questions you would like to ask. This will greatly help make the conversation flow naturally. Following these steps or pieces of advice will surely give you a good conversation, will create the both of you a better connection and relationship, and it may be your best first date, so far.