Building, Improving Low Self Esteem – Tips.

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Am I good enough? Can I do it? Am I a failure? These are a few questions that haunt us round the clock.

Self-esteem in simple words is synonymous with pride in oneself.

“Self esteem is not what others think about yourself, but it is what YOU think about yourself.”

Here are some tips to build and improve your low self esteem:

—Learn to value yourself beyond your materialistic worth.
—Focus on your abilities and your positive qualities rather than cribbing over what you do not have.
—People are always in the habit of judging. What works for you is simply self-belief. When you can say to yourself “I’m good”, you know you have managed to steer away from troubled waters! So, believe in yourself.
—One needs to understand that no one is perfect. When you have too high expectations, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
—Stop worrying about what other people think. How you feel is much more important.
—Never act apologetic, insecure, try to get approval, or like you’re trying to impress.
—Hold yourself upright. Think of how you’d hold yourself if you were the most confident person in the world.
—Live your life to full extent. After all, its YOUR life! So, go ENJOY!