Dating Multiples

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When you are out on the dating scene, it is not news that you get to date at least once a week. However, it should not be the case, when you date; it is more recommended that you date more than one person. It may be excessive to say that having a different date every night is good, but then, it is healthier. One frog is not necessarily the one that will turn into a prince or princess. Then, that is the reason why you should date more people.


• Go direct to the point. If you are not out to go steady yet, tell them that you are not yet ready to start anything serious. You would just be after having a nice company around, but is not yet about to jump into anything. If they can hold off and just have a nice time with you, you can probably see each other again. Your date would probably appreciate your honesty early on, if they do not, they are probably on the hunt of whoever comes along first.
• The dating places should be chosen very well, if you choose one place every time then you are bound to find some people you are dating or have dated recently. Make sure that you change the places from time to time. Sometimes a change in location would actually bring changes into the whole dating scenario. If it has been a while since you dated or had a contact that person who usually hangs in that area, then that is perfectly fine.
• When you also go to dates, make sure that you take note of their special locations. Say, your previous date mentioned his favorite hang out; make sure that on your next date, you are not going to go there. You would probably find them there, and that is something you probably do not want. At the same time, his would send them the signal that you were probably not listening to them when they told you that detail.
• Boundaries are something that you should also set for each date that you have. This would secure that both of you knows where what ends and starts. If you are not ready for real feelings yet, then do not lie about it. This is one pit fall that you can avoid if you are honest. With such, you should be aware where sex and feeling lie.
• Avoid leading anyone on. If it is over with them, tell them. Dating multiple people involves having to tell people when it is over. When you find one person that would be the match for you, then you should graciously thank your other dates and let them find their matches. There are some who would seem heartbroken, but there are some who understands would be genuinely happy for you. In case there is someone you would like them to date or meet, do not tell them on the same time that you tell them it is over. That would be like putting salt in the wound, no matter how small it is.
• When going for multiple dates, you should avoid double dating. Double dating means either meeting his friends or him meeting your friends. This might send a wrong signal. When you go double dating, there is a chance that he would have contact with your friends, they might try to squeeze in some information that you otherwise would not let him know. At the same time, his friends might also see you dating other people and tell him about it.
• Avoid introducing them to your parents. This act generally means that you are serious about your date. Reserve this for someone you have been steadily dating for a while now. Besides, it is wiser that you know everything first about your date before letting them meet your friends, let alone your parents.

In case you meet your date on an online dating service, make sure that you have their names correct. Dating multiple people has a tendency to make you mix their names. You should also make sure that you meet in a safe place, not too secluded. You can also tell some one that you are going out with this person and have them check on you on a specific time.