Dating Rules that Guys Should Follow

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There are timeless secrets that guys adhere to in the dating arena. With the different dating rituals and rules out there, there are a few that remain standard and true for all men. Here are ten dating rules brought to you by men, for men, that all men should follow:

Dating Rules

1. When taking your woman out, bring her to a place where everyone knows you. Take her to a nice bar where you frequently hang out. This way, you will be in a place where you are comfortable and where you can play your smooth self among people who respect you and accept you for who you are. She will definitely be impressed by the confidence that you exude.

2. Never give her gifts when you are just starting out a relationship. Wait a few months before you decide she is special enough to deserve a small gift. This way gift giving will be the special thing that she can look forward to. Try not to shower her with expensive gifts, but simple gifts that will make her happy like flowers or chocolate. Reserve expensive gifts for special occasions.

3. Don’t take her out to expensive places for dates, but stick to simple things like walks on the beach or in the park. By doing this you can find out if your relationship is based on you or your wallet. See what her reaction is as you build up on the relationship. You can start taking her out on more expensive dates once you find out she’s not after the high amounts of money that you are willing to spend on her.

4. Don’t sleep with her early in your relationship, but tease her enough for her to want more from you. Keep the sexual tension alive in your relationship to keep her on her toes and anticipating more.

5. After a date, don’t call her for 3 to 5 days so as not to seem desperate to see her again. She will be playing the same game too and will not call you straight away, so see who lasts longer. But make 3 to 5 days an average amount of time for you to not call her after a great date. Stay cool and confident and don’t let on that you are dying to give her a call at any time.

6. After your first 2 months with her, you can start returning her calls about 2 days after she makes them. You just want to make sure that she’s not too desperate but you also don’t want to lose her entirely.

7. When you are together, don’t flatter her whenever you’re together or else you just start sounding superficial. Compliment her once in a while so it sounds more sincere. Have her anticipating and fishing for compliments instead of giving them to her freely.

8. Don’t meet her friends. She may insist that you meet them, but she will only do so to let them have a good look at you and grade your “worthiness” as a man. By meeting her friends you will expose yourself to a whole new social situation that you are not prepared for. Take time to get to know her first before agreeing to meet her friends. This way, if you know she is “the one”, you can decide of meeting her friends will be worth the effort.

9. Be mysterious. Nothing beats a man who can remain in a shroud of mystery and keeps a woman guessing. Don’t reveal too much about yourself and your family either. Ask about her and find out as much information about her as you can. By keeping her intrigued about your life will definitely increase sexual tension and keep her coming back for more.

10. Don’t let her meet your friends. Having a girlfriend and having friends are two different things. Treating either is very different. She may not be prepared for the kind of things they say. They might not be prepared for what kind of things she might say. Keep friends separate until you are sure that they may get along then you can start introducing them to her one by one.