David DeAngelo & his famous “Double your dating”

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David DeAngelo & his famous “Double your dating”

David DeAngelo & his famous “Double your dating”

Not very long ago, we came across David DeAngelo’s book “Double Your Dating.” We feel that it is a good way for a guy to gain success with dating and with women. After all, getting the right advice is a rarity today. So what’s so special about this book? David DeAngelo himself! David is a normal guy like one of us, and for a long time, he couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t able to be successful with women. Many years ago, he decided to do whatsoever to be good at dating, irrespective of how much it would cost him. So he read almost everything about women and dating that he came across, and realized that most of the information was of no use to a guy like him. Then he decided to straightaway go to the source of it!

He didn’t directly approach the women since he was sure that women weren’t certain about what they wanted. They select a “nice guy” among a lot, and then complain about him. Instead, he sought for the help of a few guys whom he found to be successful with women. So he sat down with those guys and extracted every bit of information that would be meaningful to him. It amazed him that most of those guys were far from being handsome or even rich. A few of them were ugly, if he was allowed to say so! But they had a natural power which David wanted to figure out. Though it took time, but slowly, David imbibed those qualities as well, and then he had friends who wanted to know the secret of being successful with women.

David had put a system of how it works, and after his friends convinced him, he wrote the book “Double Your Dating.” In the book, David lists out a systematic process of how to attract women. Once you are a master at it, you can attract any woman you wish to, at any time. And you needn’t be strikingly handsome or very rich for that!

David finally unraveled the mystery of the “bad boy” and explained the reason why some guys get all the women. Also, he spells out how to get those qualities to drive women crazy, and tells why it isn’t required to be a jerk or a bad boy to attract women’s attention. You can just do simple things and be separate from 99% of the boys who think otherwise. In his book, David covers some good aspects on how to start a conversation with stranger women, getting their contact information, ideas at dating, and how to move on to the physical level in a smooth manner.

The techniques mentioned in the book are very PRACTICAL. You don’t need to learn or study anything, and you can implement the techniques immediately. All in all, “Double your Dating” by David DeAngelo is the answer to any man’s query regarding how to be successful with women and dating. A must read for a man, indeed!