Double Your Dating Review

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Double Your Dating Review

David DeAngelo is renowned for being the author of the bestseller ‘Double Your Dating’. His book has now been updated. The book is used as a reference for anyone who find understanding women difficult.

For one, I didn’t taste success with women for quite a lot of time. I was better looking than some guys who were into a relationship. I decided to do something for myself, and not falling prey to any advice. I decided to do some research work. When I came across ‘Double Your Dating’, I wondered whether it was real. When I started reading it, it was like getting enlightened. It has more than just tips to impress a woman. It focuses on some important areas like initiating a conversation, sustaining attraction and then taking it to the physical level.

The book gives suggestions for self-improvement which is required for being successful with women. It includes aspects like how to react in a given situation, etc, and you just don’t need to learn anything. I noticed a great change in myself after reading the book. The book also contains an exercise for self-development and complete confidence in yourself. I was always very shy while talking to girls, but all changed after I read the book. David explains that men have six insecurities which ruin their chances of being successful with women. He guides on how to overcome them.

A few weeks after reading the book, while at a club, I thought to try on the techniques. I approached a hot blonde and kick-started a conversation. I just couldn’t believe that I had changed so much. David’s technique of being cock funny helped a lot – it means being a bit playful, but very confident at the same time. The blonde reacted in a positive manner to my moves. In fact, she too started flirting with me. And just in a matter of about 20 minutes, we were kissing each other. The book also had a suggestion on how to get girls’ numbers and I used it to get hers. I met her again after a few days, and my friends were under the opinion that the person who was wooing her was my look-alike, since they never thought I could do so well.

I got a bit nervous prior to our first date. I quickly scanned through the book and things got fine. I used the advice in the book and just about 5 hours after meeting her, we were making out. I thought greatly of the book to let some average-looking guy like me to be so successful with girls. Content is the best thing about ‘Double Your Dating.’ Each page is full of suggestions and there is no room whatsoever for emptiness. Besides, flowery language is kept at bay, so it’s very simple to understand as well.

I would surely recommend you to read this book, which offers explanations for everything you’d want to know about being successful with women. It boosts your confidence no end. I had my reservations when I initially heard about this book, but it surpassed all my expectations. So let this book be your guide to successful dating, or double dating, should I say?

Double Your Dating