Feeling comfortable in presence of girls… Talking with girls…

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Do you feel stuck up in conversations with girls?? Don’t know what to say??… This page might help you.

First of all, if you are shy, then the following page might help you Overcoming Shyness

Ok, now on our way to handle conversations.

1. Never put pressure on yourself. It is not necessarily YOU, who has to start conversation. It is not you who has to do something special. You just had to be comfortable. And what to do for that? Climb Mount Everest 5 times…:) ok, jokes apart now. To get comfortable, you just need to FEEL it. Get that attitude.

One thing important, never act apologetic, insecure, trying to get approval, or like you’re trying to impress. Don’t be NICE. Yeah, you read that write! GIRLS ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO NICE GUYS! Clear? You got to TEASE them to build that sexual attraction.

2. Your state of mind creates the state of your results. The secret to knowing what to say is learning what to feel. According to the experts, if you feel positive, feelings of fear will not interfere with your ability to think of something to say.

You must have loads of confidence to look straight in to her eyes.

This was to set up your frame of mind correctly.

Now move on to make your personality interesting… Think what is interesting? Drama, Humor, Scandals, Pop Culture Icons, Fun things etc. etc. Watch these things. Watch the way they talk about them. Read books, newspapers and learn a bit about everything.

Quick Conversation Tips

Don’t worry too much about what you are saying. Instead, focus on how you say it and your body language. Never let that silence grow. Always break it. No matter what you say, but do not let that silence creep in. Don’t take things personally. If you want to succeed in the game of romance, you can’t take every comment, insinuation or joke that a woman might throw your way as a personal affront. People sometimes say things they don’t mean. You’ll have nothing to be self-conscious about if nothing bothers you. Always remember, no one can make you unhappy without your consent. Read some interesting jokes and riddles. With the help of these, play with your girl.

If you have some more conversation tips, send them here: info@onlinedatingschool.com