Gestures: Make or Break?

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If you want to know if your date is really having a nice time being with you, you can try reading their body language, and you would know for sure what they really think. Here are some telltale signs if they are enjoying your company or not.


Check on the posture on the first few minutes of the date, your date is probably sitting tall and relaxed. If you catch them trying to sit up more than a couple of times, chances are they are beginning to be bored. If they are already slouching after an hour or so, then the date may not be as fun as they thought it would.

Eye-catching beauty is excellent but after a while you have to show that you are not all beauty and brawns. Now, if your date looks directly to your eyes, you may be having a very nice effect on them. Eye contact is a silent sign that they are not just interested in your looks but also what you have inside.

During dinner, you probably sit in front of one another. When sitting in front of one another and your date is constantly leaning forward to better hear what you are saying or to tell you some details then they are comfortable in talking to you and they do not consider you as a stranger anymore.

Physical contact is important. Holding hands is a pleasant sign that they are polite. Men may probably hold the elbows while escorting you. Women may also have some gestures of wrapping their arms around yours. Sometimes, a polite tap if they find what you are saying is amusing.

A palm out hand gesture is a sign that your date has a friendly atmosphere around them. They probably consider you as a friend by then. This gesture also shows that they are relaxed in talking to you. This gesture is usually seen to emphasize a strong opinion or something important.

While you are speaking, you might be wondering if they are listening. A casual nod would give out a sign that they are listening, you should also watch out for facial expression. Say, when you express delight, then they may also smile. They may also look serious in case you are telling them something solemn or so.

A person that has his or her attention on a certain person tends to unconsciously copy some of their gestures. One, they usually shift their seat when you do. Two, they probably have almost the same rate of speaking unless there is some conscious effort to speed up or slow down. Three, they may have the same breathing pattern or rate because of similar activities and movements. This gives you an idea whether your date is enjoying the conversation or not.

There are also some gestures that may indicate that your date is bored. If your date crossed their arms, then they are probably creating an invisible wall between the two of you. This is a defensive position whether sitting or standing.

If your date is constantly suppressing yawns, then they are either bored or just did not get enough sleep because she was thinking of you, just hope that it is the latter. Yawns are usually if they do not find your stories interesting enough or your jokes funny enough.

A nod that does not really have a cue means that they may not really be listening to what you are saying. They are just too polite to interrupt you or to change into another topic. This is also true if you notice too much nodding, they are probably already shaking their head to keep from falling asleep.

If your date already noticed that the table on the right has a different table napkin fold than that in your left – they are bored. When the noticed that the ceiling is actually made of wood or when your date is laughing at the loud joke from the other table. If they keep looking at everything else, except you, you might want to worry.

Personal distance is necessary for newly met individuals. Your date may not be always at your side but is within an easy arms reach; this is a ‘to make’ sign. However, observe if they keep too much distance from you – gesture that is ‘for the break’.