Get That Attitude

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Ok say these ten times…

“I don’t care WHATEVER you or anyone think about me. I am, whatever you say I am. I just don’t care… and I don’t know but, it’s just the way I am.”

“I don’t need anyone’s approval.” (Don’t ask, instead LEAD.”)

“As more and more people observe me, I get more and more confident.”

“I don’t owe any motherfu*kin thing to anyone.”

Getting the idea??

Hold yourself upright. Think you’re the most confident person in the entire world. Then how will you walk??? how will you talk?? how will you behave?? Match these qualities. Maintain strong posture/gestures.


Right blend of “little arrogance” & “humor” makes a killing combination for almost any woman.

Never act apologetic, insecure, trying to get approval, or like you’re trying to impress.

Don’t behave like a wuss (behaving like a sissy).

Don’t be afraid to look anyone straight into his/her eyes. At first, you need to maintain eye contact until SHE breaks it. This establishes at an unconscious level that you’re not afraid.

Get this attitude – “you are lucky to be with me, now give me ur damn number”.

Don’t try to get this attitude, this should come automatically to you.