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Going on double dates gathers more friends, but it is also safer, especially on first dates. Double dates can also save the date if needed.

Before deciding on a double date, ask your date first. If your date agrees, then, you can set up for a double date. You can either bring a friend of the same sex or opposite sex, as long as you ask your date first. You may also arrange for ‘couple friends’. This sends along a message that you do value their decision. Besides, they may also want to ask the same thing.

Double Dates

Think of good combinations. If you are bringing ‘couple friends’ then you probably have an idea of the type of people they are more comfortable with. In case you think they cannot handle your date’s reserved manners, then you can just save it for another time. If you think that they would not be comfortable with your date, you can skip this date. There would be other types of gatherings that they can meet anyway.

A good combination also goes the same if you are bringing a friend and your date would be bringing theirs. You can talk to your date about a possible characteristic your friend would prefer. This would avoid you two having the time of your life while your friends are bored to death.

Introduce everyone. Allow everyone to meet everyone and then make sure that those of the same sex get to know each other better. Say, allow the ladies to go to the powder room together to make sure that they can be comfortable with one another. Or perhaps, you can just allow a couple or so minutes pass to allow the men to talk. This first few minutes is essential to make the whole meeting relaxed and pleasant. In other words, this can make or break the whole night.

An easygoing personality is a vital flavor for the group. Make sure that at least one is funny; this would make the whole trip lively. A group where at least one person is bubbly can influence everyone. This is necessary on whatever type of date you are planning to do. Avoid a combination of very quiet people sitting around and just eating, this is surely headed for a very calm, boring date.

Make sure that you have thrown in some details to your date about the people you are bringing along. If you are bringing half of the double date, and your date brings in the other half, make sure that you tell your date something about your friend. In turn ask about the friend he is bringing along. This would make introductions easier. This can also help you ahead of time to think about possible conversational topics.

If possible, arrange for just one ride. This lets everyone be on a closer, confined space with less distraction to know one another. This would also give you a preview of how is the date going to look. The good thing about it also is that you can already set the tone of the date or trip. Pump out some music. A party music usually pushes a temporary euphoria that can be the pace for the date. If on a dinner date, this can also make you want to go partying after.

Early on talk among yourselves how the date will be paid for. This saves the embarrassment for everyone, this is also more convenient and practical. You can all go Dutch if you want to, or if there is a special occasion, say your birthday, then you can foot the bill. Or if someone insist on it, let them do so.

After the date is over, allow the other couple to choose if they would like to go solo or if they would like you to take them home. This would give them the option to further meet each other. Or for ‘couple friends’ this would give them time to be alone together.

If you are the last to go home, make sure that you inform your date that you got home safely. This is a very simple way to let them know that you are safe home and that you do not want them to worry. Besides, it gives you a reason to text or call them.