Handling a Blind Date

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If your friends and family someday set you up on a blind date, do not be furious. Take that as a consent which is genuine and is a sign that too long you have been a bachelor. If you decided to go on a blind date, this article has the tips for you to handle and survive a blind date.

Blind Date

It will take you a lot of foolhardiness to reserve a table in a French restaurant with a fancy, five- course meal when you don’t have the idea if you will be the least attracted to your blind date, and much less if the both of you will have anything to talk about for two hours straight. Why not try arranging a quick “hit-and-run” style of date rather than subjecting yourself to a slow form of torture. You, as well as your potential soul mate will be relieved, are the odds. You’ll find out how to set up a “hit-and-run” style of date by just reading this. Follow the steps, then you’ll succeed.

Your first blind date should not be a pressure to you. Just take it easy and consider it as a night out with your friend. Remember not to put too much hope of finding the perfect woman in your life on that first date. Doing this will ease your disappointment once you get to meet her and find out that she is beyond your expectations. There are things you have to prepare and plan before hand. You should prepare what you have to do first, what and where to do activities, what to do and what to say, what if it goes well and if it doesn’t.

You should first introduce yourself as the matchmaker’s friend or relative. After that, you can ask her what she enjoys doing. You should always have on hand several suggestions. In doing activities, ask her to play pool table. If she couldn’t play, that is perfect, tell her that you’ll be glad to teach her. There are lots of activities that will make both of you comfortable with each other. In asking questions, do not ask questions that are too personal.

The first step is for you to establish how much potential your date has. If you’ve got a feeling that the lady you’re set up with, may in fact be your soul mate, then, give her the red-carpet treatment by all means. But if someone, or your mom insists to meet her friend’s daughter, but you don’t like her in the first place, then you owe yourself to make the date as painless as possible.

Next, you should have the logistics be figured out. The person you are meeting, ideally lives somewhere in your general vicinity. It is great if the two of you will meet casually at a prearranged location. It is easy to arrange a hit and run date if you live or work relatively close to one another. The next thing to do is to decide on a time and location. The two ideal locations for hit and run dates are at a coffee joint, and in a homey or low- key neighborhood dive. If the point is to spare yourself to a protracted and uncomfortable meal, you will invite your date to meet her for coffee in the early afternoon which means after lunch or for a quick drink after work, meaning before dinner.

Leave some flexibility for yourself. It is possible that you and your blind date will surely hit it off despite your instincts to the contrary. If this case happens, the both of you can both laugh about how you afraid you were to commit yourself to a full meal. You can either hang out for the rest of the afternoon together, or you can go somewhere for dinner.

If it goes well at the end of the date, you both will have a mutual interest. If you had a great time with her, let her know and ask her if she wants to go out again next week and that you will give her a call. And if it doesn’t go well, tell her you had a great time and that it is nice to meet her. There is no need to be harsh.

You should not be afraid to vanish into the night. If you have confirmed your worst fears, you should make a conversation that is pleasing with your blind date for half an hour or so. Then, tell her that you have to go back to work, or you have lots of things to do like feeding your cat or take care of your baby sister. Your blind date may exactly feel the same way you do. Now, both of you can part amicably and never see each other again.

Hopefully this article has helped you if you wish to set up a hit-and-run blind date.