Here is how we can *NOT* give power to others

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If you give power to others, your behaviour may be moulded. And you will not be what you wanted yourself to be.

—Don’t think much about them. The more you think about them – the more you give power to them.
—DO NOT try to impress them. Most people do this and that clearly reflects on their body language and personality.
—While you are with them, be SPONTANEOUS and trust YOUR INSTINCTS. You don’t have to care whether they will like *this* or not.
—DO NOT let their comments/views affect you in any way. You should be emotionally/mentally strong.
—DO NOT try to match with their likes or dislikes. If they hate it, and you love it or vice-versa, don’t hesitate to express yourself!

Remember, the more power you will give to someone, the more they will take you for granted and the more they will disrespect you.