How to be friends with your ex-partner?

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1. Time is the all-important factor. One needs to put the past behind them and feel as if they have moved on to another chapter in their lives. If one person is still in love and wants the relationship to continue, time must separate the two, until that person realises that he or she is moving on in life without the other as a special, intimate companion.

2. No sex please, we are just friends. Don’t even think about sex with the ex. You’ll be back where the troubles all began.

3. Avoid talking with your ex about your old relationship when you are trying to be friends.

4. There may be some attraction left, at least for one of you. Maintain some discipline with each other, especially at the beginning of the friendship. Limit how much time you spend together, how long should phone calls last and what kind of questions are asked.

5. Don’t talk about who you are dating now. – at least not until you are at the point where you are completely comfortable as friends.

6. Avoid the old behavioural patterns that defined your romantic relationship. No holding hands or gazing!