How to Get Your Girlfriend’s Dad to Accept You

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The worst part about dating a girl is dealing with her strict and over-protective father. For any man, it is a terrifying experience to meet the girlfriend’s dad and try to make a good impression on him. If you want to be the man in their daughter’s life, you have to be perfect, honest, and must have their daughter’s best interest in mind.


So for those who are about to meet their girlfriend’s dad for the first time, or have met him and need to impress him even more, here are a few tips to help you in your mission:

• Do your research and find out more about your girlfriend’s dad. Talk to her about him and her whole family. Find out what kind of relationship he has with other members in the family. Find out basic information like what his regular job is, his hobbies, and his quirks. Be honest with your girlfriend that you want to know more about her dad because you want him to like you, especially since you and she will be together as a couple for a while. Upon knowing this, your girlfriend will surely try to help you get on the good side of her father.

• Upon meeting him for the first time, don’t be afraid! Or at least try not to look like you are afraid! Be confident and shake his hand firmly. Many men base another man’s worth in the kind of handshake that he gives. If the handshake is firm, it will reflect maturity and trustworthiness already.

• Find something that you can discuss with her dad which covers both your interests. This is when your research will come in handy. If you both like cars, then you can discuss that whenever you meet. Later when you are more comfortable with her dad you might want to invite him to a car show where they are displaying the latest racecar models. Or you could spend an hour watching a show about cars together. If you find something you can talk about and enjoy in common, you have a better chance of getting along with him over the long-run, which is comfortable for both him and you.

• Many dads worry about the intentions that men have for their daughters. After all, they were young men too and went through the same experience from meeting the dad to lusting after beautiful women. Always treat your girlfriend with respect in front of him, and always listen to what she says when she talks to you. Be a gentleman by opening car doors or any doors for her. Offer to carry heavy things for her or to help her when she does household chores. By treating her well and with respect, you will definitely win her father’s respect and trust as well.

• Whenever you take her out, make sure you bring her home on time. Nothing peeves a father more than a boyfriend who brings his daughter home way past her curfew. This in itself is a trust issue. As a parent, he worries about where his daughter is and what she is doing. Before taking her out, give her dad clues as to what you have planned with her that night whether it is a movie at a specific theater or dinner in a particular restaurant. Her father will appreciate that you are giving him important information that will reassure him of your whereabouts while you are out.

• Avoid public displays of affection with your girlfriend, especially with her father around. Don’t go to her house and hang out in her room with her with the door closed. Always opt to hang out with her in a common area like the living room or the family room. Be clear with your girlfriend that you want to avoid her dad being suspicious of him and she will understand. Respect their home by not getting into any hanky-panky while you are there. It is a family home and you should follow their home rules, whether spoken or unspoken.

It may be hard to win your girlfriend’s father over, but with these great tips you can start getting along with him. By simple respect for him and his daughter, you can get far in terms of getting the same respect from him.