How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

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Once you start dating a girl, you will be faced with having to maintain your relationship with her by keeping up with her moods and feelings. This is probably the hardest part of a relationship, trying to keep up with her thoughts and feelings and staying attuned to her needs. At this point you will start wishing that your girlfriend came with instructions that you can easily follow, but like other women, the best thing about girls is that they are unpredictable and lovable. So here are a few things that can keep you on the right track to keeping your girlfriend happy:Girlfriend

• Always listen to her and perfect the art of listening. Women love to talk about their day, about other women, about their feelings, and you should learn to accept and respect that. Even though you are starting to get bored with some of her blabbing, at least give the impression that you are listening and respond once in a while. If she is talking seriously, you may have to seriously listen to her so that you can respond appropriately. By listening to your girlfriend you will find out more things about her that will help you handle her better later on.

• Many women tend to rationalize their own arguments and come to their own conclusions, which aren’t always rational in your view. Even if she is wrong, you will have to learn to accept her thinking processes and agree with what she says. This is okay to do when she is just rationalizing small things, but when it comes to more serious things that involve more serious decision-making, then you can give your own opinion at your own risk. The best way to do this is to “make a suggestion” and let it seem that the advantage will always be to her. This way she will appreciate what you are contributing to her decision-making.

• Always remember important dates. These range from birthdays, anniversaries, romantic holidays, and even birthdays of her family members. Always set reminders on your phone or computer when special days are about to happen so that you don’t regret it if you forget. Celebration and love is what a girl is about, so don’t forget it and make sure the celebration is appropriate.

• Learn how to say “I’m sorry” even if you don’t feel like you were at fault. Women sometimes love the battle to get the apology out of you to make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. By saying sorry quickly you will tug at her heart strings and she will stop trying to give you a hard time. Saying you’re sorry will also save you a lot of time and energy as opposed to hours of stressful arguments and heartache.

• Try not to make it all about her body all the time. Instead of spending free time groping at her body parts, spend some time doing some good old-fashioned cuddling for a change. There will be times when groping and being naughty will be appropriate, but for times when you are just hanging out, just cuddle and kiss her and make her feel special and wanted.

• Always tell her how pretty she is every day. To make it sound less superficial, comment on a certain part of her to make her blush, whether it is her hair, her lips, or her shoes. If you can’t get away with that, you can get away with it by telling her that you were thinking of her the other day and how much she means to you; and other lines to that effect. By doing this, you reassure her with your love and tenderness and will keep her happy throughout the day.

• Girls always have one time in the month when they get their menstruation, and no matter what you say or do, you will never get them to experience a better mood. For the days when she gets unreasonably emotional, bring her some chocolates or her favorite soup to tide her through the uncomfortable days. These are the days she needs to be listened to the most, agreed with the most, and cuddled the most – so be prepared!