How to know when the Relationship is Over

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When you enter a relationship, you aim to stay in it for a long time. However there are times when things do not work out the way we would want them to. There are times when things turn out sour and we would need to call it a day. it is a terrible decision to make. But someone has to make the decision which would probably be the best thing for both of you. So how would you actually know if it is time to kiss the relationship goodbye?

Relationship Over

Here are some indicators that the relationship is going nowhere:
• You know it is going nowhere when you dread seeing your significant other.
• It is not going to work out if you make excuses just so that you do not need to meet that day.
• It is a chore to wake up and dress up to meet your guy.
• You find yourself wishing you are elsewhere every time you are with your significant other.
• You find yourself wishing you are single again.
• You start to act like a single person. You now flirt with other people and actually go out on dates as if you are not in a relationship.
• You are seeing someone else already. You have not done anything yet like holding hands or kissing, but you are seeing this person on a regular basis.
• You dread being intimate with your partner. You do not even like holding his or her hand.
• You view your partner as someone you can merely have sex with.
• You both do not talk anymore.
• You do meet up but there is no conversation going on anymore.
• You only ask perfunctory things but do not really talk about meaningful things.
• You do not go out of your way to do things for your partner the way you used to.
• You enjoy time at work and with friends more than with your partner.
• You do not bother to resolve issues anymore every time you fight.
• You fight more often.
• You do not call and send each other text messages anymore.
• You get easily irritated by things your partner does nowadays.
• You do not make effort to dress up well for your partner nowadays.
• You do not discuss important matters with your partner like the way you used to before.
• You count the minutes till your date is over.
• You would rather be at home than out eating dinner with him.
• You change his name in your cell’s phone book. it is now just his name and not the term of endearment you used to call him before.
• You do things that you know would annoy or even upset him.
• This relationship is getting boring.
• You are getting bored with him.
• You do not see your future with that person anymore.
• You do not build your future with that person anymore.
• You have not kissed properly in ages.
• You do not hug the way you used to before.
• Your meetings after work mean that you eat dinner together for 45 minutes then head home.
• Your partner does not seem excited to see you.
• There is no more feeling of excitement before you meet up.
• You are happy to go out with friends and not with him.
• Every conversation leads to an argument or a fight.

If you are experiencing a combination of these things, then it means that it is time to let go. If you experience one or a few of these things from time to time, it is normal. A relationship cannot be rosy the entire time. But if these things are occurring more often and are the common things you experience most of the time, then it is definitely time to pack your bags and say goodbye. The relationship has turned toxic and you are no longer happy with the way things have turned out. If you still want to work on it, then make sure that you talk to your partner about it and see how things can change. If you want to take a breather from each other, then do so. It might be good to have some time to contemplate and see if your lives are still moving towards a direction you both have been working towards. After giving each other a chance and it still goes back to this, then it is definitely time to go bye-bye.