How to overcome insecurity when with girls?

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It’s All About The Way You Think.

Is meeting women scary?

The answer to above question is… “if you think so”.

If we train ourselves to respond negatively and feel negative emotions, when we feel good emotions, we become scared and find a way to retreat back to the bad emotions because they feel more familiar!

So, if you feel bad or negative or insecure about yourself, the following may happen:

When you get a compliment, you feel the person complimenting on you is lying or being insincere. So when women express interest in you, you miss their signals because you don’t believe they could find you attractive. When you have an opportunity to have a great experience with a woman, you let it pass by because you believe it will end badly. So, in the end you feel comfortable with your BAD feelings and loose the opportunity to experience GOOD feelings. Don’t ask common questions on a date. That doesn’t create ATTRACTION. You can not be boring. Don’t have a boring body language. Sit back. Ever seen romantic heros? Learn from them.

Here are some quick tips to help you in overcoming your insecurities:

—Don’t try making any situation perfect. But, try to learn from it. This will take out the pressure you unnecesarily built on yourself.
—Go over your list of negative beliefs, and for each one, create a positive statement to counteract it. Include a reference from your life if possible. Be positive… like dont say “I am not shy”, instead say, “I am confident”.
—Learn to rewrite your thoughts by replacing “can’t” with “won’t”!
—Carry yourself confidently, do not hurry things up. Move slowly!
—Remember most of your insecurities have no meaning at all. They only exist because you let them to exist.
—In this entire Universe, only you have the power of what you think and feel. Don’t give this power to anyone else.

And always remember, in your life at every step have the power to choose: Feeling bad, or Feeling good… so what do you choose?