How to Propose to your Girlfriend

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so you have been with your girlfriend for more than two years. You have both been through a lot of adjusting and a lot of compromising. You have gotten to know her family and she has gotten to know your family as well. your family loves her and her family thinks the world of you. In fact your mother has been very vocal about wanting her grandchildren to look like your girlfriend. You have made future plans with her in mind. A lot of her plans also include you in them. You jive so well and work so well together. You love her so much that you cannot imagine being with someone else. So maybe it is time to propose to your girlfriend of nearly three years. So how do you go about with it?


Here are the steps you must follow to proposing to your girlfriend:

• be sure that you are ready for marriage. Marriage is not something you should play with. It is something very important and you should think it through.
• the next thing would be to get the ring. Ask for the help of her mother, sister or best friend. Ask them what type of ring she would like. There are so many styles. Try to get them to find out her ring size.
• You can also casually ask her about her style of jewelry when passing by a jewelry store during one of your visits to the mall
• You can also peep at her taste in jewelry. The types of bracelets and necklaces would be able to tell you if she likes flashy jewelry with intricate designs and huge gemstones. You can also tell if she is into simple jewelry that she can wear every day.
• Use her clothing style and lifestyle to tell you what type of ring to get. If she is a glamorous dresser, she might want a flashier sort of ring. If she is into funky wear, then you might want to get her a vintage looking ring that came from Old grandmother’s cupboard. But if she dresses simply but fashionably, it might be wise to get her something simple. Get her something that would easily match with everything she wears and that would not entail her to take it off.
• Look at her fingers and make sure that you find out her ring size. The last thing you would want is to have the ring fall of her hand.
• After getting the ring, make sure that you keep it well.
• Now it is time to find the perfect place to propose.
• Remember the most important moments in your life. try to recall the most important moment in your life and where you were at that time. See if you want to recapture that moment while proposing to her.
• You can pick a romantic restaurant or a trip to the beach. It is up to you.
• You can also recreate her fantasy proposal. Try to find out what this would be. Every woman has a fantasy of how they want to be proposed to. Get her best friend or her sister to find out what her dream proposal would be.
• Be creative with your ideas. Just make sure that she would not have any inkling as to what will happen.
• It is important that you choose a good place to propose. She will remember this moment for the rest of her life.
• As you take her to the place where you plan to propose, make sure that she would not know anything about the proposal.
• It would be nice if you can document the proposal so she can watch it during the years to come.
• Make sure that there are cameras and video cameras to capture the moment she says yes.

There are many ways on how you can propose to your girlfriend. You can do it on a mountaintop. You can hire someone to write it in the sky. You can also place the ring in her cake while she eats it. But the most important thing would be the actual proposing. The most important part would be you letting her know that you want to spend the rest of your life with her because you love her and would not want her to go to someone else.