How to SEDUCE women?

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First things first; Seduction is not a set of techniques; seduction is a state of mind that produces techniques of seduction. You behave according to what you think. Always remember this thing: “YOUR STATE OF MIND CREATES THE STATE OF YOUR RESULTS”.

Step by step approach:

1. Correct Body language – art of nonverbal seduction
2. Approach her
3. Talk to her – cool essence is the key here
4. Make her your friend – be mysterious and predicatable (that is what women get attracted to)
5. Seduce her to the bed.

I am presuming that she is already your friend. And now all you want is to take her to your bed. Right?

First and foremost thing, seduction is a strategical game where your ULTIMATE GOAL is to have sex with someone. Second thing, you have to master the skills of reading the body language of women. All your answers lie there.

Now the question is how to succeed in this game of seduction?

1. Have Patience – Most of the men have the habit of rushing into everything, including sex. The trick to the game is to pretend that sex is the last thing on your mind (even though we all know it is the first thing).
2. Exude confidence & power – Both men and women are drawn to those who exude power, as there is something about the attribute that makes a person attractive. Be MYSTERIOUS & UNPREDICTABLE in your approach. Tell for youself, who excites you more – Peter Parker or Spiderman?
3. Be interested in what she has to say (fake it if you must) and above all make her laugh (with witty remarks rather than lame jokes and stupid behavior). This is utmost important.
4. Eye contact. Make eye contact, but please look her in the eye gently (no more than 2-4 seconds) and then glance away. Don’t stare – it’s a turn off. While talking, move closer to her and you can even touch her shoulders, back, etc. But you should appear very casual and please, don’t overdo that. Judge every movement of her and try reading her body language. You will get your answers whether she is interested or not. Act accordingly. Follow your instincts.
5. Learn to use your own voice to more effect. Speak slowly, surely and more deeply. All women love a very slow, deep speaking voice. Women find this to be very sexy and very attractive.
6. Have fun. Be playful, light-hearted and spontaneous. Show your vulnerability. Always wear a smile. Develop a charming personality and you will become a people magnet.

Likewise, when you can master the key sex cues like the smile, voice tonality, body language and the others, you can make women feel deep attraction even if you look like a half-mutant crossbreed between Chewbacca and Greedo.