Intro & Online Dating Sites & Services Reviewed

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Before you dive into the deep end of Online Dating School, let’s take another look at Online Dating sites (The Reviews are on the Home Page!) The wildest dream on earth is meeting your better half miles away without having travelled there a day. Dating sites are the greatest producers of this gargantuan feeling and accomplishment. It is amazing that thousands of people meet on the net each year and cement their relationships, by knowing what the other person loves to do, kind of food they like, places they love to go, their dreams and other fascinating details about people. It is much easier to get these details online than meeting someone on the street and starting out with them. Further more, you have the option of meeting many people at the same time without committing to one person, so you have got choice when it comes to finding your best partner.

Bottom Line

Without question, it is important to note that with a great database, and both concise and comprehensive information and service, it is always faster to get a partner. Perfectmatch, at number one is the most precise and comprehensive personal data marching site; while Friend Finder which includes photos in its postings follows closely at number two with its burly medley of singles across America. Closing the top five is Match maker, one of the initiators of online dating sites, now having shifted focus to the older age group.


Popularity will give you an edge, since thousands of people will sign up with these sites. As a matter of fact, success in this kind of site is high with a variety of people from all walks of life. Among the many that we have poled, these five have most of the attributes of top online dating sites. Each one of them is unique and has their own blend of people. But you will never know until you try out. You are free to try out Perfectmatch and Friend Finder among the others to find out where your luck can get!