Planning the Perfect Date

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Finding the formula for the perfect date has been one of the greatest quests undertaken by mankind. We have different opinions about it, and that may get in the way of learning the true artform of the perfect date.

Perfect Date

Ask women about it and they would say that it is all about a nice evening out with dinner and conversation, followed up by a stroll in the moonlight with her man. Perhaps a drink or desert along the way, and more flirting as well. They desire a slow and steady build up that is romantic and not necessarily intimate. Ask men about it and they would say that anything that leads to the promised land. This shows that we have different ideas about the same experience, leading to difficulties in objectifying what is supposed to be a subjective experience.

It is hard to say, but the formula to the perfect date does exist. It is all about balancing the best of both worlds and plan it ahead without being too meticulous on each detail. While it is traditional to have the male plan the date all the time, there may be no room for tradition nowadays in these days as taboos are eased up and traditions become obsolete. The perfect date is up to both individuals who are looking for a good time.

While there are as many guides and ideas to dating as there are stars in the night sky, it must be known that they are no set principles to dating. The rules are flexible and the true basis for success is improvisation. Original ideas go a long way to creating an atmosphere that is always fresh and new to both of you. This will ensure that you both have enjoy each and every time. However, it is not bad at all to read these guides since they are breeding ground for ideas and keep you informed about various things on what not to do.

As Sun Tzu had stated in the Art of War, know thy enemy. Well, we’re not really talking about enemies here, but that principle does help here. Knowing your date will go a long way in preparing for it. It can give you ideas on the venue and what you may want to show that person. You should know what type of food she likes and her greatest interests in life. You can then match it up to whatever place may suit her fancy.

The time and place are crucial to success. You do not always have to set it on Friday or Saturday evenings and lasting only a few hours. You can have a date during the day and at a particularly appropriate location while still making it fresh and original. The restaurant and coffee shop are always solid locations, but know that they are the most common venues for dates. You can try the amusement park, which is also good, but just about every lighthearted romance movie or television show sets dates in such locations. The possibilities are only limited by the scope of your imagination. You can go to a concert, museum, zoo, beach, park, or any other location that may give her a sense of enjoyment. When it comes to this, try to be creative with your approach.

It does not always have to be about her though. You can also share your interests to your date on your succeeding dates. This gives you more options on venues and also a good way to learn more about each other. You may never know when that person actually shares your interests. That is where relationships start to bloom. Of course, don’t assume too much.

You have to have a set goal on each date. Whether it is to know more about your date, getting your date to open up to you, or just show her a good time, each activity helps in a different way. The better you determine these factors, the better you can execute whatever plans you may have for a date. Taking it slowly does not have to be tedious at all.

As with everything else, you need to figure out what will make a date “perfect”. Remember that it is a subjective experience, so it may be different for each individual. The most important thing to note is that a balanced set of determinants will make sure that you can get it right without having to have sweaty palms about it. Balance will take you a long way.