Principles for Your First Date

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Going on your first date means more than just a nerve-wracking experience that you may either love or hate. It is both an exercise in strategy and a display of your character to someone who you’re just getting to know. Having a solid base in knowing what to do in a first date can save you from much embarrassment and nail your target right in the bull’s eye.

First Date

You really have to relax right before you storm the front. Before you can start winning battles, you have to win over your nerves. Whatever may relieve you of any sort of stress, like a soothing massage or some meditation, make sure to prepare yourself thoroughly. A woman wants to be with a confident man who is calm and with a plan in all sorts of situations. It also shows that you really do have interest in her first.

To exude your confidence, you must look your very best. This may be one of the most cliche of all dating principles, but that is only because it works. While you don’t really need to dress really sharp, women would not want to date men with bad breath and body odor. Hygiene takes up most of this part, which means that your daily habits go a long way to how you would present yourself to your date. It is definitely important to have that habit of bathing regularly, brushing and flossing, using deodorant when needed, and wearing clean clothes. That first impression is the golden key to women’s hearts.

Deciding on the venue itself is also crucial in preparing for a date. While it can be said that you can always just take your date to somewhere remotely interesting and it wouldn’t really matter as long as you play your cards right, it should not be taken for granted. The mood is everything in a date, and the venue is what affects the atmosphere the most. Make sure to pick a good one that would not give too many problems.

The means of getting to the venue with your date is another crucial factor. Transportation must be taken under serious consideration as it is like one’s clothes. If shows your attention to detail and ability to look ahead, as breaking down and not getting there is not just a poor showing, but could spell disaster to your chances with her. This goes with either your own car or getting a taxi.

Money is definitely an important issue that is the primary reason why a lot of men bite nails and pull hairs when it comes to the issue of dating. Attitudes about who pays is a bit looser nowadays with more women having good paying jobs than back in the dark ages. However, picking up the tab yourself still brings in the most bonus points, whether with cash or credit card.

Also, bring some protection. While you should not be raising your hopes up, you may never know. Bringing a condom is good practice, whether you are going to actually have success with your date or not. It is insurance that will prevent sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies that have plagued so many would-be couples who have sex, either for the first time or otherwise.

The biggest part of the date is definitely the conversation. This is where a lot of people get it wrong. While intimidating, it should not be too hard for you to have a good conversation with the woman, so long as you are not too intimidated by the task. Questions are ice-breakers and a good way to learn more about the person. Meanwhile, compliments are double-edged swords that can either spell success or disaster. The thing to remember is to not overdo it at all. Once you get comfortable with it, then there should not be too much to worry about, so long as you do not have a slip of tongue.

Of course, the most important principle in your first date is to be yourself. As long as you do not go overboard, being yourself will show your honesty and sincerity towards the other person. There really is no need to pretend as it may never really work to your advantage as you may think if you do lack the self-confidence to stay true to yourself. Those who pretend to be someone else tend to smell of failure, if you get the drift. However, you do not have to reveal too much information about yourself right off the bat. It is just the first date, so keep her interested in you by revealing tidbits about yourself. This way, you do not show anything too offensive and keep her wanting to know more.