Surviving a First Date

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First date anxiety can be overwhelming and is totally normal. But with careful planning your date will survive and at the same time guarantee subsequent ones if you keep an open mind, be courteous and polite, be neat, be honest and relaxed during your date; be committed to enjoying and having a wonderful time and telling things about you without taking over the conversation. The following ideas will guide you to make you calm and make your date want to go out with you again!

First Date

Be certain that you have thought out your date in advance and make preparations to guarantee that your date runs smoothly. It is better not to depend on making instant decisions or leaving things to chance about what you will do next during your date but you should plan out the routes to reach your destinations and arrange beforehand any reservations so that you will not end up waiting for long. Even though careful planning before a date will guarantee that things will run smoothly and get rid of unnecessary anxiety during your date you may nevertheless need to be flexible. Because in spite of your efforts, your plan may encounter a snag and remaining adaptable and willing to be flexible will preclude both your date and you from being irritated during your date.

Important traits for surviving your first date consist of tidiness, courteousness and politeness. You should make the attempt to look respectable. Allot yourself some time to prepare. If you are already stressed out even before you date begins you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Have a shower, wear a nice dress that is not wrinkled or dirty and also shave when necessary. Be sure to leave adequate time to fix your hair and face and pick the right outfit before your date comes. The manner you portray yourself is an indication to your date of the way you are going to act towards her or him. You should also do all you can to be courteous and polite all the throughout your initial date. Keep your concentration towards your date. You should not allow your eyes to wander when a new girl strolls in. It is not only rude but your date is going to notice it.

It is not thrilling to be kept on waiting. Strive to arrive on time. If you cannot help being late, contact your date and let him or her know.

Carry mints or gum and use them when needed. Nothing displeases a date quicker than that of a bad breath. Carrying a small pack of floss to get rid of food in between teeth during restroom visits may prove to be a pleasant idea.

Smile and give your date eye contact when you at last see her or him. Always remember that your date might be as anxious as you! It will be easier to loosen up if your date is smiling.

It is also important to remain relaxed and sincere during your first date. If you are evasive or tense during your first date, your companion will distrust you and will be uncomfortable during the date. And if you attempt to be someone you’re not, your companion will almost certainly work out the farce and will most likely be disgusted with your duplicity. If on the other hand, you relax and are totally honest your qualities will shine and surprise your companion enough to persuade them be attracted to a subsequent date.

Commit to yourself that you are going to have a wonderful time. Going into a date with prejudices or apprehensions will get you bored. It is very hard to enjoy a date if you are not open to new experiences. Conversely if you are positive and are anticipating your date, you will most probably end up enjoying yourself. Your positive attitude will communicate to your date and will guarantee that both of you will have an enjoyable first date and look forward for your second date.

During conversation talk about general topics such as world events, travel, celebrity, elections, global warming, movies, music, sports and others. Make sure to keep questions regarding employment or careers and family in moderation. Keep in mind that you are on a date and not conducting job interview.

And even though you realize that you are not with Mr. or Miss Right, try to enjoy yourself. After all it never hurts to have many friends.