Things You Should Not Do on a First Date

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You are about to go out on a first date with someone you really like, but you’re not sure what to expect. The best thing to do is to prepare yourself with tips on what you should not do so that your first date doesn’t turn into a disaster. Several people were asked about what girls or guys should avoid doing when they go out on their first date with someone. Here are some tips on first date DON’Ts:

First Date

• You are out to have fun, so whether you are out after a big break up or not, don’t make the first date all about making you feel better. The worst thing you can do is turn your first date into a therapy session where you tell your date your problems, ask him for advice, or pile your frustrations about life on him. Do less talking and more listening if you want to get your date’s attention. Further, don’t psychoanalyze your date. If you think you are doing him a favor, you’re just making things worse by trying to figure out the source of his insecurities.

• It’s a first date, lighten up and don’t make everything too personal. It is too premature to let him know too much about you, like how many kids you want if you marry or what kind of wedding you hope for. In other words, don’t get ahead of yourself by expecting that this date will lead to the wedding of your dreams!

• Never talk about your ex! This first date is about you and him and not people from your past. Live for the moment, enjoy each other’s company and don’t dwell on problems that you can put on the shelf just for the night.

• Don’t wear anything too revealing or sexy. Wear something attractive, comfortable and practical. You never know where he will take you or where you will end up. The best thing is to dress for comfort so you can focus on each other rather than the blister developing in your heel because of your overly high-heeled pumps. You also wouldn’t want him looking at parts of you and thinking of sex rather than sincerely listening to you and enjoying your company and personality.

• Guys, don’t bring your date to a place where you know there will be a lot of hot women around. The pretty girls will keep you distracted and you will only make your date more insecure about how she looks, or how she thinks she should look for you. Find a place where the conversation and eye contact remain within the radius of you and the girl you are with.

• Avoid drinking on a date so that you can stay focused. If you have a drink, limit it to a glass of wine or one beer, just enough for you to lighten your mood. Don’t drink too much because you might end up in an embarrassing situation that will ruin any hope of you ever seeing each other again after the first date.

• Don’t talk about sex on a first date. If you initiate the topic, chances are all he’ll think about is either getting you in bed or escaping from you at the end of the night. Talking about sex is distracting and may even make the other person uncomfortable. Make your first date about having good clean fun before you decide on another date where you can think about bringing things further.

• If you have been doing research on him throughout the week on the internet, don’t let him know it! He may think you are some kind of weird online stalker. Let him bring up things about himself on his own instead of creeping him out by commenting on his interests that you read on his Facebook page. Pretend to be pleasantly surprised and let him talk more about himself so he can feel more comfortable.

• If you find that this first date is not working out, don’t be afraid to cut it short. Never let him take you to another location to continue the night if you know you are really not enjoying yourself. By letting him take charge of the night, despite your discomfort, you will end up putting yourself in a situation that may blow up into something worse.